Five Great Tips to Shedding Body Fat 

Below the range is considered underweight while above the range indicates overweight or obesity. The body fat should be calculated prior to starting on a muscle building or weight training program, and then, it should be continued on a periodical basis, every three to five weeks. Unless you are o

by Herschel Young Sunday, May 15, 2011
By skipping breakfast you are just slowing down your metabolism and your body's ability to burn body fat. Always eat breakfast to kick start your metabolism and you are on your way to a new and sexy body. Remember, igniting your metabolic rate is the major key to getting super lean and tone.

Tip # 3: Perform weight resistance exercises at least 3 times per week. By increasing your muscle tone you will also increase your fat burning abilities. Muscle burns body fat. And by increasing your muscle tone you will also lose a tremendous amount of body fat and add a lot of shape to your body, making you look amazing.

Tip #4: Perform cardio exercise, such as walking, biking, swimming, hiking etc., at least 3 days per week. This will increase your metabolic rate, causing you to burn more fat at rest. I suggest you do cardio activity that you like. This way you will be consistent with your cardio activity as you become leaner and leaner.

Tip #5: Decrease your saturated fat intake. Saturated fat slows down your metabolism greatly. You want to eat healthy unsaturated fats, such as nuts, avocados, flaxseed and fish, such as salmon. Plus, a high intake of saturated fat is extremely unhealthy, as it will clog your arteries and increase your blood pressure.

As the objective of any weight training program is to increase lean muscle mass rather than body fat, it is important to understand the difference. Hence, getting a reading and calculating the body fat will serve the purpose, and help you find the exact cause for weight gain - whether it is due to increased body fat or lean muscle mass. If it is due to a gain of lean muscle mass, then you are in the proper direction, and your objective can be attained easily.

Body fat can be assessed through a number of techniques, such as underwater weighing, skin-fold calipers, DEXA scan (Dual Energy X-Ray Anthropometry scan) and a hand-held instrument that passes electrical pulses through the body differentiating the lean mass and the fat mass. The DEXA and underwater weighing (or hydrostatic weighing) are more dependable for precise assessment, but they are not readily available, as their use is limited to certain hospitals and universities. Underwater weighing may not be effective for those having high bone density. A girth test using a skin caliper instrument or a tape measure will also do the job. Other methods of fat assessment include infrared techniques and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis.

A skin caliper consists of an electronic hand-held device, which actually assesses subcutaneous fat, and hence you cannot have an idea of the fat content in the viscera. The reading is not one hundred percent exact but if it is handled by the same person all the time, then the overall reading will give you a picture of the fat gain or loss. So, if the skin folds are maintained the same, with a progressive increase in the body weight, then you can safely say that the gain is from lean muscle mass.

The BMI or Body Mass Index can also be used to determine the body fat by using a calculative method. The method involves dividing the weight (pounds) by the height (inches squared), and then multiplying the result by a conversion factor (703).

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