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A cure for malignant mesothelioma doesn't yet exist, but individuals may still be able to obtain miscellaneous treatment approaches for their cancer or even participate in clinical trials. The malignant mesothelioma treatments regularly recommended are surgical procedures, drug therapy, and radiatio

by Gregorio Rowe Sunday, May 15, 2011
A treatment that cures malignant mesothelioma does not yet exist, but individuals may still choose to receive miscellaneous procedures for their mesothelioma or even participate in clinical trials. The malignant mesothelioma treatment approaches most often suggested are surgery, drug therapy, and radiation therapy. Even though these are the most commonly seen, you have additional treatment options that are increasing in attractiveness, the bulk of of which are experimental. Some of these treatments are immunotherapy, photodynamic treatment, and gene treatment.

There are several separate types of surgical procedures for malignant mesothelioma patients; painkilling surgical procedures, diagnostic surgical procedures, and curative surgery. Palliative surgical procedures are for the purpose of relieving symptoms and involves removing some of the cancerous cells. Nevertheless, this type of surgery does not offer a cure.

The aim of curative surgeries are to take out as much of the cancerous tissue as feasible giving the hope that it is enough to cure the individual. Once curative surgical procedures are executed they are occasionally followed up with radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

Diagnostic surgical approaches are only designed to determine if mesothelioma in fact is present in an individual or not. It furthermore aids in identifying its location, if it exists, and is customarily non-invasive.

Medicinal drugs created for chemotherapy are usually given intravenously with the aim of exterminating cancerous tissue. Cancer cells might grow rather rapidly so it is better to begin chemotherapy as quickly as you can.

The aim of radiation is similar to drug therapy, to exterminate cancer cells as well as reduce the proliferation of cancer cells as much as possible. It is also referred to as "ionizing radiation" and is normally utilized after surgical procedures have been finished. It is occasionally employed as palliative care in an effort to reduce the symptoms associated with the condition.

The photodynamic mesothelioma treatment option is usually employed only when the mesothelioma is localized and is not normally successful once the mesothelioma has metastasized. Photodynamic treatment entails giving the patient medication intravenously that makes mesothelioma cancer cells incredibly vulnerable to a particular type of light. Several days after treatment the person is then subjected to this light, killing the cancer cells that previously absorbed the medication.

Gene treatment is still experimental and involves infecting the person with a virus which has been altered genetically. The virus enters malignant mesothelioma cells which causes the production of a protein. A short time after infecting the individual with the genetically altered virus, the patient is then treated with a drug that won't be damaging to normal tissue cells, but is created to be toxic to mesothelioma cells.

Immunotherapy attempts to fool the patient's immune system into exterminating mesothelioma cells. With active immunotherapy the person has some of their mesothelioma cells taken out and then used to create a vaccine. The person is then injected with the vaccine which can result in the patient's immune system recognizing the "mesothelioma cancer cell vaccine" as a toxic substance, and consequently identifying the cancer itself as a toxic substance.

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