Moobs - Key Causes 

Moobs or male breasts, all these terms are connected with a pure male disease known as Gynecomastia. This condition is not quite as unusual as many may think as it affects about half of all men. Gynecomastia hits both breasts in a same manner most of the time. Even though the main cause is not kno

by Asa Gilmore Sunday, May 15, 2011
Gynecomastia is painless, but still unpleasant disease of excessive breasts tissue enlargement. It's pretty impossible to say how many men suffer from it because it is often wrongly mistaken for weight problems. So the statistics are not accurate. Even not so frequent, Gynecomastia may develop only on one breast. The exact trigger of this illness was not found yet, however there are some aspects that can have an impact on it.

Teenage life

Even uncommon, the age of puberty is one of the minor triggers that can trigger Gynecomastia development in the early teenage years.
During puberty a huge hormonal changes are taking place in the human body. These can cause the abnormal breast cells enlargement. This is the least serious cause of Gynecomastia as the disorder fades away as the time goes. No surgery or other treatments are needed most of the time.

Drugs and Pills

Gynecomastia can be also caused by some pills doctors prescribe you for some of the following disorders: leukemia, hemophilia, leprosy, Klinefelter's syndrome and few others. In these cases it is almost impossible to treat it as you can't just avoid to take the pills. However you can stay away from illegal drugs.
But still there is some possibility that Gynecomastia is behind bad eating habits and fatness. Some studies are at this time being made about this possible cause.

Human body changes

The condition could be developmental, indicating that it can occur at birth, during puberty, or during the aging process. Some basic pills can lead to Gynecomastia as well, it is usually stated in the guide / booklet with it, so always read it carefully. Also primary and secondary Hypogonadism can trigger it. Primary Hypogonadism involves twisted testicles, radiation and chemotherapy. Secondary Hypogonadism consists of to much disorders to list them. Talk about them with your medical doctor if you need it. Gynecomastia can also be a result of by tumors, systemic, including Adrenal, Cirrhosis, or Thyrotoxicosis.

Hormone Imbalance

Some health professionals stated that the true cause is just behind androgen and estrogen hormones and theirs impact on the tissue in the breast. Changes and imbalance of these can lead to moobs. The overproduction or the totally opposite, lower production of androgen and estrogen can be a reason for moobs development.

Congenital Disorder

Further, it could be a result of a congenital issue or could also be caused from a number of other reasons such as alcoholism, chest wall trauma, cystic fibrosis, herpes zoster infection, HIV, Myotonic Dystrophy, obesity, psychological stress, spinal cord injury or refeeding after malnutrition.
However, more often than not the cause is idiopathic. Doctors and professionals like to make every attempt to discover the exact cause of Gynecomastia because it could make a major difference in the form of treatment.

This was a brief write-up of the major causes of Gynecomastia issue. Keep in mind that in some cases when it is discovered that particular prescriptions have been a cause, the doctor can simply change the medication.

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