Data Barracks show benefits of online storage with disaster recovery programme 

by Alex Ribbs Thursday, November 18, 2010
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The UK’s safest online storage facility keeps companies running no matter what emergency takes place. It is the best place to store your valuable data.

United Kingdom, November 2010 – Online storage solution Data Barracks has revealed the benefits of online storage again with its exceptional disaster recovery package. Data Barracks, which operates a completely autonomous server and online storage centre in a self-powered disused army installation, is able to make virtual copies of whole servers – effectively running a mirror of a company’s entire mainframe in cyberspace. Should some kind of hardware catastrophe occur, the Data Barracks virtual server is called up to take the place of the real, now inoperable server: and company business continues as normal while new servers are ordered and installed.

Clearly, the benefits of online storage (which have always been too competent with the ability to store vital data and processes away from the physical location of an office or company premises) have expanded somewhat in recent years. The Data Barracks disaster recovery routine (which you can see in action at ensures total robustness and resilience against even the most unfortunate occurrences.

That’s not all. With the sophistication of Data Barracks’ online servers, a company is technically able to operate without any hardware of its own. Should it so desire, any UK business wishing to reap the wider benefits of online storage (environmental, secure and completely reliable) can simply migrate its servers to Data Barracks’ digital environment. The virtual server works exactly like the real thing – only it doesn’t break because it exists in cyberspace rather than in a nuts and bolts computer.

Confused? There’s no need to be. Data Barracks is simply running a hugely powerful server set of its own, with all the backup you’d expect from one of the most trusted data security firms in the world. This is computing for the modern world – where online backup can become online offices, online servers – a whole virtual environment for your data to live in, securely.

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