Heat Pumps Can Save You Loads On Electricity 

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by Doyle Johnson Sunday, May 15, 2011
The heat pumps that are available in the markets today are under strict guidelines for energy conservation standards and most of the time, they are expected to provide the most efficient and sustainable source of heat in every home.

The very first thing that you need to consider in order to find out if your heating system is providing the best possible output and comfort inside your home, is the amount of heating. The heater needs to provide an ample amount of heat and that heat should be constant and it definitely should be at a very comfortable. Basically, when this kind of heating system is compared to gas heaters or a fireplace, the pump will work by providing a lower air temperature slowly. Instead of having to expect it to produce results right away, just remember that this heating system does not produce heat; it only exchanges temperatures between areas of a higher temperature level, towards a cooler or colder area.

This means that it just transports heat from a source towards a heat sink. And this process usually takes longer but the effects are significantly a lot longer. You will also have to be very patient in noticing the temperature changes; there are cases when the heat that is produced is still a few degrees lower than your body temperature and even though it is producing heat, it might not be noticeable yet. Just remember that the key here is sustained heat and not heat production. In cases where in the system is no longer able to cope up with the cold, the backup heat source will also be activated.

Do not be too concerned about your heating system. Some adjustments do need to take place and a lot of time people expect it to work just like a heater or an air conditioning system that automatically produces the temperature change. You might want to start your device early instead, this way, you can start to feel the effects of the temperature change as the time goes by and before the sun sets, the temperature inside your home will have been cozy enough for you and your family. Never worry about the costs of maintaining for longer hours, usually, it can produce over a hundred kilo watts of heat while consuming only about 3 to 10 kilo watts per hour of electricity. You may even notice that water is dripping in your pump, this is usually just a result of condensation and this is nothing to worry about. Frost and ice may also start to develop and again it is nothing to worry about, the new heat pumps will defrost it and then resume its normal operation.

A heat pump is not a ventilation system. Ventilation systems introduce fresh air into the area and they may also heat the air on the way. The heating part is like any other electrical heater and for every dollar spent on heating you will get a dollar of heat in your room. Air conditioners actually only introduce heat and there is no heating element needed. For every dollar spent in heating you will actually introduce at least three dollars worth of heat into the area. In summer heat pumps can be reversed to pump the warmth out and act as air conditioners. However, some models of Fujitsu Heat Pumps can also be fitted with ventilation connections. These are the ducted and cassette models.

Air conditioner will dehumidify in summer when humidity is particularly troublesome.

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