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Rikvin, a leading company based in Singapore providing company incorporation services in Singapore and Marshall Island.

by Ashley Varghese Monday, November 22, 2010
The Republic of Marshall Island, a Micronesian nation located in the Pacific Ocean and composing of 29 atolls and 5 islands is an attractive fast-growing offshore financial center, particularly for maritime, with its zero-tax policy among its non-resident corporations.

With the computerized system of the public and private sectors and good telecommunication system, the island is ripe for development. To attract more investors, the Marshall Island implemented a tax-free business policy, while its record-keeping requisite is kept at minimum.

For one thing, its incorporation fees and license fees are competitive. There are ready-made shelf-companies available, for another thing.

Rikvin, a leading company based in Singapore providing company incorporation services in Singapore and Marshall Island, says that even one individual can set up a corporation in Marshall Island.

“A person can fulfill the roles of a shareholder, a director, and a company secretary simultaneously and that individual can be of any nationality.” Either corporate entities or natural persons can act as the directors and or officers and they maintain liberty in choosing their abode.

When it comes to capital requirement, “there is none,” says Rikvin, “while its usual authorized capital is set at US$50,000”. Besides income tax exemptions, “the RMI also maintains no capital gains or withholding taxes.”

Rikvin continues that the shares can be issued with or without par value in different forms of classifications including voting and non-voting, and common or preferential. If the shares, which are issued solely in registered, are issued with value, it can be in the form of monetary or other valuable consideration.

The flexibility of incorporating a company in Marshall Island is also evident in choosing the location for a headquarters. Rikvin continues saying, “the corporate headquarters can be located in any country and the meetings of directors and officers can be held in any location allowing proxies.”

Incorporating a company can be accomplished in a day. It can be executed by an officer of the company or authorized personnel of the corporation. The process becomes convenient as it does not require notarization of corporate documents. Nor does it need consular approval.

Marshall Island is prided itself with a stable political system. It affords absolute confidentiality among incorporators with only the Memorandum and Articles of Association as the required document available for public access.

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Rikvin has been assisting clients from all over the globe in their Singapore immigration and company registration services. Rikvin operates to offer assistance both to local and foreign business professionals to register a company. The firm provides a complete corporate solution under one roof for which includes Marshall Islands incorporation, Marshall Island Formation, accounting services, opening of corporate accounts, business registration, tax, immigration related to work passes visa such as Personalised Employment Pass and compliance services in Singapore.

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