Bamboo Flooring - A Wise, Environmentally Friendly Alternative To Hardwood 

Destination the male with a ball underneath paw on left side of doorway as you face out. The Female with a lion cub under her paw need to be on the proper. Horse: In a galloping stance, the horse represents nobility, fame & recognition and is also applied for single people searching for a lifesty

by Clayton Koch Monday, May 16, 2011
There are many different flooring products offered today like an individual of the most beautiful and environmentally pleasant, a bamboo floor. No, this isn't taking spherical bamboo stalks and lashing them jointly to make a floor for your house. It is a excellent merchandise to put in your child's Private Development sector.

Lion: Symbolizes courage and bravery. It is regarded as as a guardian and protector of companies and houses. A pair of lions with each their front feet on the ground can be put on either aspect of the front entry way to your dwelling or home business for protection of wealth.

Adore Birds: Because really like birds sort an attachment to their partners and are claimed to pine away when one dies or they are separated, they represent devotion, fidelity and romantic bliss. Very best placed in the SW of house or bedroom. These are the Western Culture's equivalent to the Chinese Mandarin Duck.

Fortunate Cat: The lucky cat has a really powerful symbolism in bringing luck and beneficial fortune into your household. They can be put in your Great Luck Sector or in the SE corner of dwelling or desk. The legend behind the Luck Cat is as follows: In the 17th century , there was a run down and poverty stricken temple in Tokyo. The temple's priest was very bad, but he shared what little food he had with his pet, Tama. 1 day, a feudal lord was caught in a storm even though hunting and he took refuge beneath a significant tree close to the temple. Though he waited for the storm to pass, the gentleman recognize Tama, the priest's cat, beckoning him to occur inside the temple gate. The feudal lord followed the cat into the temple and instantaneously, a lightning bolt struck the destination wherever the lord had been standing. Consequently the cat saved his existence. From then on, the Lucky Cat has been regarded an incarnation of the Goddess of Mercy ( Kwan Yin ).

Mandarin Ducks: Like the like birds, mandarin ducks signify devotion, fidelity and romantic bliss and must be put in the SW sector of your home or bed room.

Funds Frog: This is a mythical animal acknowledged as the "Chan Chu" and is explained to look just about every full moon close to houses that will acquire news of increased wealth and very good lot of money. Also named the "3 Legged Revenue Frog" it is generally placed ideal within your front doorway going through INTO the residence. The coin in it is mount must be put with the four symbols up, not down. It can also be positioned in your wealth sector and next to a dollars sign-up. They are never to be positioned in a kitchen, bed room or bathroom.

Panda Bear: This gorgeous animal is a person of the most endangered animals in existence. It is referred to as Da xiong mao which signifies large bear cat in China. The Panda is considered to have magical powers that can ward off normal disasters and evil spirits and is also a symbol of peace.

Peacock: The peacock is the western culture equivalent to the phoenix in China. Put in the SW of your property or bed room it is reported to draw in and enhance content relationships and marriage.

Phoenix: The phoenix is imaginary creature of the historic Chinese Feng Shui.

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