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Hemessen. It was he who taught her to paint and she specialist in portraiture. Caterina is widely credited with producing the first self-portrait by an artist. Soponisba Anguissola 1531 - 1626 Born in Cremona into a noble family, she was the eldest of six daughters, five of whom all painted. At

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Despite being the mother of eleven children she was still a prodigious talent. She was an official painter to the Papal Court and the first woman member of the Academia di Roma. Most of her paintings had a religious or mythical theme.

Marietta Robusti 1560 - 1590
She was a Venetian painter and the daughter of painter Jacop Robusti. Whilst working for her father mixing his paints, earning herself the name Tintoretto, the little dyer girl. A name she would use in later life. She specialised in portraits and mythical narration.

Esther Inglis 1571 - 1624
Ester was the daughter of a French Huguenot family who fled to Scotland to escape persecution. She became a trained calligrapher and went on to produce a number of miniature manuscript books.

Fede Galizia 1578 - 1630
She was born in Milan and taught by her father, the miniaturist, Nunzio Galizia. Her works were mainly paintings of a religious nature or portraits. She is remembered for her still life studies, and one particularly lifelike painting of a bowl of fruit.

Artemisia Gentileschi 1593 - 1656
The daughter of painter Orazio Gentileschi, she was born in Rome and studied under him. She was later tutored by the painter Tassi, who in a well documented trial of the time was accused of rapping her. Moved to Florence where she became the Medici family patronised her and she was close friends with Galileo and Michelangelo's nephew. She was also the first woman to become a member of the Accademia delle Arte.

Geertruydt Roghman 1625 - ?
A Dutch engraver and etcher, many of her works are famous for their simple depiction of women going about their everyday tasks, sowing, weaving and spinning.

Mary Beale 1632 - 1697
One of the few English painters of the period, she was born in Barrow, Suffolk. Her father, a clergyman and husband a merchant were both amateur painters. She was famous as a portrait painter and also art teacher.

Elisabetta Sirani 1638 - 1665
Sirani was a multi-talented individual, born in Bologna and an accomplished painter, poet, musician and daughter of painter Giovanni Andrea Sirani. Her subjects were traditionally large scale religious or historical paintings. She sadly died prematurely at the age of 27 but with her rapid style of painting, she still managed to produce over 200 works of art.

A small collection of artists considering they cover 250 years of creativity but their establishment led to many others being freely admitted into the ranks of the artist, allowed to participate in life studies and openly learn their trade, while also being welcomed into the artists guilds.

Starting or investing in a small business can be a great way not only to bring in immediate profits, but also generate a steady stream of income for many years to come. Many people believe that you have to have a lot of money saved up in which to start your own small business. While having a good capital base to begin with is extremely beneficial to your business and your future, there are some jobs that require only the tools to begin the job. Painting is one of those jobs.

There are several reasons why a painting business may be a good option for you. Maybe you have always been artistic, and like to see the immediate results of your efforts, or perhaps you would like to have the freedom to work only when you feel like taking on a job.

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