Software for Physical Therapy Gets New Documentation Format 

The makers of Mavenlive software for physical therapy recently announced an update to their point-and-click structured documentation form.

by Jay Winburn Saturday, August 20, 2011
WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA - An update soon will be released for Mavenlive software for physical therapy, announced Prognition Corp.

Updates have been made to Mavenlive, software that helps clinicians perform physical therapy audits, that provide a new format for its documentation. The changes increase user-friendliness for physical therapists, said Dr. Jay Winburn, Prognition's president. The update includes changes to the point-and-click structured documentation form, which helps when a therapist must perform a pt assessment and prescribe rehabilitation, physical therapy or other exercises.

"Our clients wanted to see the point-and-click assessment parameter tree in a different format than the one that comes 'out of the box' with Mavenlive," said Chris Metcalfe, vice president of technical development. This new subjective, objective, assessment and plan- SOAP- format more naturally fits therapists’ workflows when evaluating patients. The format also helps lessen the amount of typing required.

The upgrade leads the clinician through a thorough and consistent evaluation, which results in better patient care. Top therapists and Mavenlive users from throughout North America helped develop the SOAP format. No changes were made to the core Mavenlive architecture, Metcalfe said.

'Our clients simply used our flexible parameter tree to customize it to better meet their needs," he said. "This allowed top level physiotherapists to develop a form for all other physiotherapists to benefit from." This approach reinforces the company's push for clients to drive its improvements and upgrades.

"This is another example of how easy it is for customers to customize evaluation templates within Mavenlive without any software changes," Winburn said. "We give you the tools to adapt the software to the way you practice." Winburn calls it "putting the 'custom' in customer.'"

Mavenlive realizes that all therapists have their own approach to treatment, and feel as though this new format will be a great launching point for clients to adapt into their own unique customizations.

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About Mavenlive and Prognition Corp.
Mavenlive was created in March 2009 by Prognition Corp., a software company headquartered in Canada's National Research Council's Biomedical Commercialization Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Mavenlive is a complete clinical solution that presents "best practice" patient assessments and exercise prescription to ensure consistence within physiotherapy offices. This rehab exercise software automatically generates customizable documentation, reports, letters to referring doctors, improves patient outcomes, automates processes and documentation and saves time.

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Mavenlive was created in March 2009 by Prognition Corp. It is a complete clinical solution that presents "best practice" patient assessments and exercise prescription to ensure consistency within physiotherapy offices.

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