Red Dragon Electronic Cigarette Company Offered in Special Kits 

Red Dragon electronic cigarette will start being offered in special kits with extra cartridges.

by Nick Evans Sunday, August 28, 2011
Goodyear, AZ - Red Dragon electronic cigarette is now being offered in kits that include extra cartridges. This change will make the kits an especially good value when compared with competitors' products.

Red Dragon's 2-piece electric cig kit currently includes one battery (that has an attached cartridge in the customer's selection of flavor and color) and one USB charger. The kit sells for $39.95. Their 3-piece kit now includes one battery (and cartridge), one USB charger and a carrying case. It is offered at $49.95.
Red Dragon has changed these kits so that each will have five cartridges instead of just one (the customer can select the cartridges' colors, flavors and nicotine concentrations). But the new kits will be sold for the same cost as the earlier kits, so it represents a big enhancement in value. Red Dragon customers can now obtain five cartridges for the cost of one.

"Putting extra cartridges in our starter kits means they are comparable to other kits on the market which cost twice the price," observes Nick Evans of Red Dragon. "No other company making cigarette alternatives provides a deal this good."

Red Dragon's cartridges can be purchased in five different nicotine concentrations: low (6mg), medium (11mg), high (16mg), extra-high (24mg) and none (0mg)-the most popular option. The company also offers the broadest variety of flavors on the market, including: cherry, menthol, vanilla and regular tobacco (a smooth tobacco taste). Customers can obtain an additional 19 flavors as special orders. Each time a customer switches a cartridge, he or she can choose a new flavor and nicotine strength.

Red Dragon also sells e-cig accessories, including decorative Dragon Skins which allow customers to individualize the appearance of their electronic cigarettes, a portable battery charger which lets users recharge their e-cigs anywhere and a car charger which recharges e-cigs in a vehicle. For people who would rather not recharge their cigarettes, the company also sells a disposable electric cigarette that will provide as many puffs as 20 tobacco cigarettes.

"Our products produce more vapor than the other electronic cigarettes, offer more flavor options and now these new kits provide the best value," says Evans. "Go to our website and see why we are the company you want when you are looking for electric cigarettes."

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Red Dragon electric cigarettes don't contain, tar, smoke or the toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke. Electronic cigarettes are designed with a microchip, sensor and atomizing circuit.

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Offering one of the best electric cigarettes on the market, Red Dragon is dedicated to helping ordinary people who want a high-quality, non-toxic alternative to tobacco.

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