MEDIA OP-Ten Years Later, America Still on Red Alert! 

Prophetic Author Deborah Nazemi Challenges Americans to Change Course–The Future of America is at Stake!

by Deborah Nazemi Wednesday, September 07, 2011
Prophetic Author Deborah Nazemi Challenges Americans to Change Course–The Future of America is at Stake!

Media Op’ with Author Deborah Nazemi

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AUSTIN, TEXAS – September 8, 2011 – Author and Prophetic Voice, Deborah Nazemi, author of RED ALERT AMERICA, Sound the Alarm! says the spiritual decline of America opens the door to possible future terrorist attacks more devastating than 9-11. Reflecting on the years since September 11, 2001, Deborah’s refreshingly insightful perspective offers a reality check as well as hope–as she examines the future of America through prophetic, historic, and biblical perspectives.

Ten years ago on September 11, 2001, the unthinkable happened. Terrorists invaded our nation, causing over 3,000 people to die in a series of attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Within hours, we heard about the crash of United Airlines flight 93 and the brave men who stopped the terrorists from reaching their intended target. Our hearts skipped a beat as the rest of us, gripped with shock, terror, and grief, helplessly watched these events unfold–shedding many tears for those whose lives were lost. The tragedy drew us together, and for a time, Americans united for the sake of others. People flocked into churches and sought God for answers, yet, it seems that we have reverted back to “business as usual”.

As we reflect back to that day, it’s time to ask ourselves some hard questions such as, where do we stand with God? Spiritually, many of us have fallen back into a self-serving, all-about-me mentality while we presume upon the grace of God to protect us. We have a real enemy that wants to kill us and take over this nation, and if those of us who call ourselves Christians don’t have a major turnaround, we cannot expect His hand to stop future terrorist attacks that are surely planned for this nation.

Says Deborah, “America is on the edge of the greatest tribulation we have ever seen, and if we don’t have a major spiritual awakening, America as we know it will cease to exist. We face future terrorist attacks more devastating than the one ten years ago, our economy is failing, we voted people into office who are trampling on our Constitution, and we will continue to see a tremendous increase in devastating natural disasters that we cannot prepare for. We have no power to stop what is happening. Our nation has removed itself from the hand and will of Almighty God, and only He can help us.”

In her new book, RED ALERT AMERICA, Sound the Alarm!, Deborah Nazemi offers insight and solutions to a nation in crisis. Filled with prophetic truth, scripture, and quotes from the Founding Fathers, RED ALERT AMERICA, Sound the Alarm! encourages the readers to shift their perspective from one of fear to one of hope for a changed future. “The root cause of the trouble we are experiencing in America is spiritual, not political. We have rejected God and the protection that comes to a nation whose God is the Lord. It’s not too late, but we will have to change our focus if we don’t want to lose our freedom. Only deep soul-searching and true heart-change will bring the outward change we are seeking,” says Deborah.

With an endorsement from well-known It’s Supernatural! television host Sid Roth, this well-written, compelling book impacts the reader from start to finish. Says Sid Roth, “Shocking, but true is Deborah Nazemi’s prophetic book, RED ALERT AMERICA, Sound the Alarm! It’s a must-read for every Christian.”

Media Availability:
Deborah is available immediately for radio, print, and television interviews (Lives in Texas)

Interview Questions and Audience Q&A:
Deborah can answer questions for your live audience regarding this message to America.

* Are we any stronger as a nation than we were before September 11, 2001?
* Are we safe from the possibility of future attacks more devastating than what we have experienced?
* How has America impacted the current events in Israel, and what will be the impact on America?
* Why are we experiencing so many natural disasters?
* How does America’s founding and our past experiences affect our future, and how did we come so far away from the original purposes of our Founding Fathers?
* How can Community Organizing help change our course?
*How can we turn America away from its destructive path?

About Deborah Nazemi

Deborah Nazemi is an author and speaker. Her timely book, RED ALERT AMERICA, Sound the Alarm! offers spiritual insight and practical solutions for the times ahead. Deborah–an anointed, ordained minister, works through various mediums to get her message across– prophetic worship, drama, radio, writing, and preaching. Deborah is the founder and director of Transformation Ministries International, pastor of Transformation Fellowship, and host of the Reach Out America radio show on Blog Talk Radio. For more information about Deborah, visit her online at,

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