Amber shows customers the benefits of motorhomes 

by Alex Ribbs Monday, November 29, 2010
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New look holidays for every family with Amber’s latest fleet. They are convenient yet cost effective.

United Kingdom, November 2010– Amber Motor Homes ( is hoping to inspire new clients to taste the freedoms of the open road with its new range of superb motor homes. The benefits of motorhomes are on display in all their several glories at the Amber Motor Homes site, where brand new luxury models sit next to compact vehicles or economy models: ensuring that every client and every family can find something suitable for their life style and budget requirements.
Amber Motor Homes offers both new and pre owned motor homes at exceptional prices: and with all kinds of specifications built in to suit the various uses that families and motor home owners have for their vehicles. Some of the newer six berth models, for example, feature the best mileage per gallon figures ever clocked up (or down) by a motor home. And then you’ve got the bespoke motor homes, which have been built with attachments and compartments designed for specific sports. The benefits of motorhomes like the oversize motor homes with specific capabilities for housing motorcross bikes, mountain bikes and other sports equipment, will appeal to sporting families all over the UK: while dog friendly motor homes, complete with a tailor made pooch only area, fit the bill for canine oriented folk. That means you can take your pet along even while out for a trip.

Whatever your leisure, and whatever your pleasure, Amber Motor Homes has the steed for you. And with more stock coming in every week, there’s no shortage of motoring freedom for every family that wants a go at a better kind of holiday.
Here’s betting the open road will be appealing to a few more families once they’ve checked Amber Motorhomes. It’s one of the best ways to go for trips without those hotel bookings, hassling car hires and other problems.

107-111 wingate road
Luton LU4 8PZ
United Kingdom
Telephone: 0844 558 0498


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