Scoliosis Pain Relief with Orthotics Shoe 

Leading orthotics shoe retailer, Novis Shoes, explains benefits of shoe lifts for scoliosis patients.

by Caser  Lua Sunday, October 16, 2011
PASADENA, CALIFORNIA - Cesar Lua, owner of Novis Shoes in Pasadena, California, explains the benefits of orthotics for scoliosis patients in balancing the body, in observance of National Physical Therapy Month this October.

Novis Shoes offers custom orthopedics and shoe lift insoles to aid in alleviation of discomfort experienced by people with scoliosis.

"The cause of scoliosis remains a mystery, but the suffering from this disorder can be fatiguing for the patient," says Cesar Lua, a certified pedorthist. "Relief can be provided by using orthotic shoe inserts which can aid in posture adjustment and reduce pressure on the spine."

Doctors have treated conditions such as secondary scoliosis, caused by variation in length of legs, with orthopedic footwear. In aiding to balance the body, postural adaptation may occur in the patient.

The most common and visible symptom of scoliosis is an "S" or "C" curve in the spine with one side stretched and the other compressed.

This spinal disease often requires the care of an orthopedic surgeon. Milder cases may experience benefits from physical therapy exercise programs and utilization of shoe lifts designed to balance and align the body's skeletal system.

Increased stress on the joints ages the body at higher rates often resulting in arthritis of the spine. Some cases can be so extreme that pressure is placed on the lungs resulting in strained breathing for scoliosis patients.

"Correction in posture can be achieved with a shoe insert arch support and shoe lift," says Lua. "The skeletal system of the body is supported by the feet. Balance and adjustments in posture can be provided by distributing weight on the feet using orthopedic inserts."

A range of disorders such as migraines and TMJ discomfort, to conditions in the skeletal and muscular systems have been relieved through use of orthotic footwear prescribed by doctors. Lua suggests patients seeking alternative pain management for scoliosis symptoms should discuss options with their physician.

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Novis Shoes has provided orthopedic shoes since 1982. Cesar Lua, the company's owner and Certified Pedorthist, makes shoe lifts, custom-made shoes, and other products. They are committed to putting their customers first and giving them the best possible products and service at the best possible price.

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This orthopedic footwear company specializes in orthotic shoes, shoe lifts, and arch support shoes. Turn to them for your orthopedic shoe needs.

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