San Francisco Hood Cleaning Pro Says College Town Restaurants Should Prepare Now for the Crowds 

Anaheim hood cleaning pro says cleaning hoods now will get restaurants and dining facilities located in college towns prepared for the spike in business.

by massoud farazandeh Saturday, December 24, 2011
PLACENTIA AND RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA - Restaurant owners and operators in college towns need to prepare for the spike in business, says one Placentia and Anaheim hood cleaning business owner.

It's also time for campus dining facilities to have their kitchen hoods inspected, says Massoud Farazandeh, chief executive officer of American Professional Services (APS-Hoods), who also is a hood sales expert.

"We tell restaurant owners to call professionals to clean their kitchen systems before the onslaught of business," says Farazandeh. "More students means increased cooking volume, which could cause problems if grease buildup already exists in the system."

Built up grease could act as fuel if a fire broke out, he says. Follow these tips to find a quality range hood cleaning company:
• Ask what inspection/cleaning standards the company follows.
• Ask for details on what cleaning services are included.
• Ask for proof of licenses, insurance and certifications.
• Ask for a report after the cleaning or inspection that shows what was done and points out deficiencies/repairs to make.
• Ask for references.

Once a qualified company is selected, the company should recommend a routine cleaning schedule.
Most companies recommend schedules according to the type and volume of food cooked. Some guidelines include:
• Restaurants that cook with smokehouses or wood fires- clean systems monthly.
• Restaurants that use charbroilers, fryers or cook with large volumes of vegetable oils- clean systems quarterly at a minimum.
• No restaurant should go longer than six months between cleanings.

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