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Idol Lash - an eyelash growth serum containing all natural ingredients. The product has been rapidly growing in popularity throughout North America. They have eliminated the consumers need for a prescription and the formula does not contain prostaglandin analogs that have been banned by the FDA.

by Dorothy Avelar Wednesday, April 18, 2012

North America Wide, April 18, 2012

Within the ultra competitive market of fashion and beauty a product named Idol Lash developed to stimulate the natural growth of both eyelashes and eyebrows continues its steady rise in popularity. What has truly set this particular product apart from its competitors is the fact it contains absolutely no prostaglandins or prostaglandin analogs. These ingredients were contained in some similar first generation products and received heavy scrutiny from the FDA eventually being banned.

Idol Lash at first glance will resemble a typical mascara found in any local beauty supply shop and as such will be applied in the same manner. This however is where the similarities stop as can be seen in the high concentration of natural ingredients contained within the product. Users of Idol Lash have also attested to its ability to re-grow eyelashes quickly through countless positive reviews casting doubt upon those who would claim it to be yet another gimmick type product being brought to market.

These results are reinforced through a clinical study that revealed its ability to re-grow natural eyelashes in addition to an 82% increase in lash density over a 4 week period. The studies participants ranged in age between 24 and 82 years old. The pre and post eyelash measurements were obtained using Sigmascan software for accuracy.
A company representative reveals that its dramatic results can be attributed to its unique mixture of botanicals, vitamins, minerals, proteins, peptides and several other natural extracts from sources such as kelp, chamomile and honey.

Idol Lash product experts have advised that the serum be applied once daily using the appropriate amount as indicated. Applying a greater amount of product has been proven to have no effect in terms of achieving faster or greater results.

It should also be noted that results may vary and will be more immediate for some than others. The majority of users reported experiencing a noticeable change between 4 and 6 weeks while a smaller segment reported a time frame closer to 8 weeks. The company holds the upmost confidence in the products ability to produce the desired result which is further supported through a 90day money back guarantee.

With strict quality control measures in place to protect the public from harm Idol Lash has been deemed safe and clinically proven to produce results. The ever increasing popularity would not be continuing at such a rapid pace if its customers reported unsatisfactory results. Idol Lash remains very optimistic about its ability to continue to provide its customers with the best natural beauty products available both now and in the future.

Dorothy Avelar
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Dorothy is a beauty product specialist interested in the development of innovative cosmetic products and their affect on health.

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