San Diego Divorce Attorney Examines the "Gray Divorce" Phenomenon 

by John Griffith Saturday, June 30, 2012
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA-A 2009 study discovered that more than one in four divorces were initiated by spouses above the age of 50.

Has the old saying "growing old together" become outdated or is it still an attainable goal?

Drs. Susan Brown and I-Fen Lin put together a study in 2009 called "The Gray Divorce Revolution," suggesting the growing trend in divorce among older couples can be attributed recent developments and shifts in the economy, relationship history and the perspective of marriage and divorce in society.

The term "gray" divorce denotes divorces between couples who are 50 years or older.

"Throughout the years we have seen an influx of older clients requesting our office's divorce services," said John Griffith one of the divorce attorneys in San Diego, and also a provider of prenuptial agreement services.

More women have established a source of income and have the option to support themselves rather than remain in a mediocre marriage.

A study released by the AARP found roughly 67 percent of older-adult divorces are pioneered by women.

According to Brown's interview in NPR's "Talk of the Nation," the history of relationships is the most significant agent in "gray" divorces.

"Over the years, clients that have divorced before are more likely to divorce again," said Griffith, a San Diego divorce lawyer and provider of family law services for clients.

Brown's research discovered that approximately half of divorces among those older than 50 were in remarriages.

In Brown's interview with NPR she claimed the '70s brought about a new trend in marriage. It asked the question, "How is a partner fulfilling the needs of their spouse?"

With the increasing tolerance of divorce and the change in society's view of marriage, divorce is seen as the answer to supplying individual satisfaction among baby boomer couples who are unsatisfied with their marriage.

Sociologists predict the trend of "gray" divorce will continually grow, and "growing old together" may fade out as "gray" divorce rates increase.

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