REO Capital, LLC - represents CAMI Funds in a $250 Million Capital Raise 

by John Denes Saturday, September 29, 2012
REO Capital has developed a "Referral Program" for firms that refer a Hedge Funds or Private Equity Funds to REO Capital for a Global Capital Raise. For firms that refer a Hedge Fund or Private Equity Fund that is looking for a Capital Raise, we'll pay you 10% of our Retainer Fees and 10% of our Success Fees. So in total your Referral Fees could be anywhere from $112,000 to $560,000 for each client you refer that successfully retains REO Capital for a Capital Raise for the full 24 month period. On an annual basis your firm could receive anywhere upwards of $1,000,000 or more per year if you refer 10 clients who retain REO Capital.

REO Capital, LLC is a global private equity consulting retained firm dedicated to Capital Raising for Hedge Funds and Private Equity Funds with established track records.

We have successfully raised capital for alternative asset managers as well as various types of Private Equity firms. Our Track Record on Capital Raises have included Private Equity - Levered Buy Out Funds, Private Equity Clean Technology Funds, Private Equity Real Estate Funds, Private Equity Technology Funds, and a Global Macro Long Short Hedge Fund. We are experienced professionals with institutional clients in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and other major cities throughout the United States as well as International clients in China, London, Europe, Canada & UAE. We service the United States, Europe and Asian Markets for our Capital Raises. Over the past 4 years we have raised over $1.2 Billion in capital for various types Private Equity Funds, Long Only Funds, and Hedge Funds.

REO Capital, LLC maintains a network of trusted relationships with institutional clients such as Foundations, Family Offices, Endowments, Pensions & Pension Consultants, Investment Consultants, and Registered Investment Advisory firms that represent both ultra high-net-worth investors as well as institutional investors totaling over $40 Trillion in client assets to assist those General Partners in successfully accomplishing their fund raising goals.

REO Capital, LLC typically works with Investment Bankers, Family Offices, -Private Equity Firms and Hedge Funds who's Capital Raising needs are $100 Million or more for a diversified fund. We are a Global Retained Private Equity Capital Raising Consulting firm that receives a monthly retainer for services rendered.

REO Capital has designed New Fee Structures for Emerging Managers and Fund Managers with established track records to help accomodate their capital raising needs and increase their AUM in their funds.

REO Capital has also developed a Innovative Refund Fee Structure for Private Equity and Hedge Fund Managers where the Retainer Fees are refunded at the successful completion of the Capital Raise with more of a emphasis on a Success Fee.

REO Capital, LLC - represents CAMI Funds in a $250 Million Capital Raise

Our firm has been chosen to represent the CAMI Funds - Gold Coin Funds to Raise $250 Million in new AUM for their 3 new gold coin funds. We are excited to be able to bring to the institutional investors a Niche product that is very timely in this uncertain economy, that has a good past performance and who we believe have an offering that will be attractive to our clients in this market. CAMI Funds has over 60 years combined professional experience trading precious metals successfully with a proven track record for the state of Ohio Pension Fund. CAMI maintains one of the Largest Inventories of Classic Rarities in the industry, and as one of the foremost certified rare coin dealers in the world.

REO Capital, is in discussions with a unique, Multi Strategy Hedge Fund with positive returns over a long track record & a Private Equity Legal Fund that also is a Niche Fund.

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John Denes, CEO
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John Denes is the CEO of REO Capital, LLC, a global retained private equity and hedge fund consulting and capital raising firm.

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