Cosmetic Dentistry Expert Explains Why Seniors in Ottawa, On Need a Dentist 

by Pamela Li Monday, February 25, 2013
Ottawa, Ontario - It's important for senior citizens to maintain regular appointments with their doctors, but it's every bit as important for them to see a dentist regularly.

"As we age, dental problems become fairly common," says Dr. Pamela Li, an Ottawa, ON cosmetic dentistry expert who specializes in geriatric dentistry. "Dry mouth and periodontal disease are the most common issues facing seniors. The risk factors connected to periodontal disease are almost identical to those of cardiovascular disease."

Patients who suffer from severe periodontal disease may double their risk of fatal heart disease and increase their chance of stroke.

More and more dentists such as Dr. Li are seeking additional training courses in geriatric dentistry to help senior citizens receive excellent dental care. In addition to understanding the working of the mouth and performing general teeth cleaning duties, dentists also must understand and be sensitive to the aging process.

"Senior citizens face unique problems in caring for their teeth," says Dr. Li, who also treats TMJ sufferers. "Arthritis may make it difficult to hold a toothbrush and they may not be able to stand long enough to properly brush their own teeth. But without care both at home and from a dentist, senior citizens face higher instances of heart disease, diabetes and more."

Medications senior citizens take to regulate other diseases can lead to dry mouth. Side effects, such as a more acidic mouth, can leave teeth more susceptible to cavities. Seniors also suffer from gum recession and exposed roots. Dry mouth also makes it difficult to chew, talk and swallow.

"Caring for your teeth beginning when you're young can prevent needing emergency treatment later on," says Dr. Li, whose office serves the entire Ottawa area. "Regularly seeing a dentist can ensure that issues such as periodontal disease are treated before serious damage has a chance to occur."

Patients of all ages should floss daily and brush their teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Seniors should use a fluoride rinse or gel and keep their dentist up to date on changes in their medication. Regular checkups should be maintained and healthy habits, such as moderate snacking, should be followed.

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