Marlboro Tummy Tuck and Breast lift Surgeon Talks Star Boob Jobs Gone Wrong 

by Andrew Miller Sunday, August 11, 2013
EDISON, WARREN AND MARLBORO, NEW JERSEY – Breast enhancement procedures remain a top request among women today – especially the stars. But not all of these procedures go as planned.

1- Kourtney Kardashian (A victim of impulse)
The oldest of the Kardashian sisters decided at 22 - on a whim – that increasing her cup size from a B to a C would be a good idea. "No one was going to talk me out of it," she said. "It was so dumb."

Impulsive acts rarely turn out well. Prime example: Vegas weddings – just ask Britney Spears. Breast surgery is no different.

"If Kourtney had taken some time to reflect on her options before committing to surgery, she might have avoided regret," says Dr. Shain Cuber, a specialist of breast augmentation and armlift in Warren.

2- Sharon Osbourne (Buyer's remorse)
According to this Metro Magazine article, Sharon Osbourne hates her implants so much that she threatened to auction them off on eBay.

"I wish I had never gotten my breasts done the last time," Osbourne said. "They put these bloody big bags in that are too f***ing round – it's like having waterbed on your chest."

While it's not clear if Sharon was pressured into choosing oversized saline implants, she may have been happier with a silicone implant like the new "gummy bear" style.

"They're safe, and come in a variety of anatomical shapes that won't create the overly round appearance she is displeased with," says Cuber, who also performs rhinoplasty in Marlboro.

3- Denise Richards (Felt the pressure)
According to Denise, a plastic surgeon pressured her to get implants that were bigger than she originally wanted.

"At 19, a doctor put in bigger implants than what I asked for," Richards told US Weekly. "I was in a hurry and I didn't research my doctor."

While she unfortunately suffered the consequences of not conducting research, at least she knows where she went wrong.

"Not many 19-year-olds have developed a strong sense of self and are capable of being their own advocates," says Cuber.

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