harlequins enigma release a new age compilation in album: troublesome journey 

troublesome journey reflects harlequins enigma owner åge riisnes` life from 2008 - 2013.

by åge riisnes Tuesday, October 29, 2013
the harlequins enigma name is based upon the words expectation as in dolls, their origin, & the origin vs real people. åge once had a lighter with a girl on, showing a little of her face with a yellow rose & two identical females as guardians at each side of her. in the picture also a walking creature that looks like a walking mouse, pregnant. this is part of what harlequins enigma is about: expectation. we value hope for something better, as an eternal flame. there is also a different side of harlequins enigma which åge found as an alternative in the oxford dictionary, where harlqeuins enigma could be a demon rider. thinking of that he wonders if that might be an ancient being that might be the boss of our universe.

fl studio that has dominated åge`s musical world. he sort of treated it like protracker & it has for him a nice feel on the pc keyboard, which makes him able to push the buttons without looking at the keys almost. at the same time his ear is sharp & piano roll in fl studio is like a nice game of tetris. his scales & experience got even sharper in 2009 as he went back to the amiga & composed tracks there. when he came back to fl studio again, he felt he had become a better musician, though he`d prefer to be called a composer. he
forgets so easily & have become clumsy at times when he try to recall a line, so he don`t perform much. it is easier for him to do an impulse line of tetris instead.

åge riisnes sort of speak the language of tangerine dream & jarre & vangelis in the form of arpegiator based tracking & electronical music via the amiga. it is funny that he have made coops with all of them. he cannot explain in details, but after a psychiatry treatment in 1998, he got the impression that psyciatric hospitals are experts on the brain & that they talk much in telepathy on some sort of frequency. this became common as the years passed &
when he did his comeback in 2008, he got visitors mentally/spiritually from many of the corners of our globe that led to coops with tangerine dream, jean michel jarre, klaus schulze, vangelis, kitaro, kate bush, dave weckl, chick corea, jan garbarek, atjazz & many others. thanx to them he is much better now then he would have been on his own. åge loves that the
music is emotional, that sets you in a mood that can be happy, mellow, sad.. he also like the other parts of the emotions like adrenalin, though he haven`t felt adrenalin in years, he says he like an empty bottle of fine wine that needs to be refilled. he also like the complex sides of various music genres like uptempo jazz that can entertain you on pure professionalism.

track index:

Angel (Excerpt) Feat. Tangerine Dream, Katie Leung & Wendy Carlos.mp3
Bewinged State.mp3
Calls Feat. Vangelis.mp3
Desert Theme Feat. Vangelis & Sara Jensen.mp3
Det Er Natt No.mp3
Discontinuing Flow Feat. Jean Michel Jarre.mp3
Exegeomai Feat. Edgar Froese & Klaus Schulze.mp3
Fall Fade.mp3
Gazer Feat. Vangelis.mp3
Labyrinth Of The Heart Feat. Kitaro.mp3
Lyra (Gathering Of Stars) Feat. Kitaro, Svein Tore Hindenes, Elin Berge, Sara Jensen & Jan Riisnes.mp3
Saturn Feat. Sara Jensen.mp3
Standstill Feat. Katie Leung.mp3
Stargazer 6 - Eclipse.mp3
Water Planet.mp3
Without Feat. Klaus Schulze.mp3

troublesome journey have been mastered at subdub mastering, universal music studios & waveline audio mastering & is out on itunes & harlequins enigma`s store at nimbit music.

Harlequins Enigma is a Bergen, Norway-based band created in 2008 by synth musician, composer, and video producer, Åge Riisnes. Harlequins Enigma is mostly a one-man-band, but Elin Berge, Katie Leung, and Sara Jensen serve as co-members with several album appearances over the years. The primary musical creations revolve around chip-tune, electronica, techno, experimental, video game soundtracks, space, ambient, and new age genres. Åge began experimenting with synth-based music in the early 1990’s. Throughout the years, collaborations with Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Kitaro, Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Dave Weckl, Chick Corea, Jan Gabarek, and others have spawned rich, creative, and mature developmental compositional achievements. The name origin of Harlequins Enigma revolves around a “hope for something better, as an eternal flame.” It is based upon expectation. Åge describes the circumstances around the creation of the name: “I once had a lighter with a girl on [it], showing a little of her face with a yellow rose & two identical females as guardians at each side of her [with a] picture [depicting] a walking creature that looks like a walking mouse [that is] pregnant.” Harlequins Enigma has released twelve full-length albums since 2011. The first three albums released in 2011 include The Journey of Harlequins Enigma 1, 2, and 3. The electronic series was followed by Octagon Vol. 2 – Night Pulse & The Silhouette of Dr. Voodoo, and Octagon Vol. 3 – Battle Without Dishonour. Two singles were also released: “Time Dance” (Liberty Mix) and “Battle Without Dishonour”. In 2012, Harlequins Enigma released Ophidians: Caricature Personalities, Neighbour Tribe, The Long Road, and Octagon Vol. 4: Loom. The latest few albums released in 2013, include Ophidians – Big Chiefs, TD Sound 1 (feat. Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream), and Discord (feat. Jean Michel Jarre). Harlequins Enigma joins the accomplished ranks of Edgar Froese, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, and Kitaro as an innovative musician and “reverse supporter of forced schizophrenia politics.” As a thinker and philanthropist, Åge wholeheartedly supports Dyrebeskyttelsen Norway and Amnesty International. Harlequins Enigma’s albums and downloads can be purchased on CD Baby and Amazon.

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