User-Rated Stock Prediction Site Helps Average People Make Better Investment and Financial Decisions 

StockPickstr mashes up stock predictions, social collaboration and syndication on a community-based portal

by Jimmy Dean Saturday, December 07, 2013
The best ideas are borne of necessity. Such was the case with StockPickstr, a social stock prediction and financial site, which recently launched its beta version.

According to the Gallup poll, close to 60% of Americans invest in the stock market every year. Many of these investors randomly choose a stock based on gut instinct and water cooler chatter - a lot like legalized gambling. If the price of their stock goes up -- they win! If it drops, they lose! Unfortunately, that's how many new investors think of the stock market -- as a short-term investment vehicle that either brings huge monetary gains or devastating losses.

StockPickstr helps average people make better investment and financial decisions. It is a social site that allows members to submit their stock predictions. Based on the accuracy of the prediction, the member gets an accuracy rating. StockPickstr democratizes this social site by giving members a voice. Members can cast their vote on these stock picks, financial news articles and comments, pushing the most appropriate content to the top of the site. StockPickstr’s emphasis on voting for the best content, promotes the most popular content on this social site.

All the stock prediction listed on StockPickstr have been reviewed, recommended and rated by users just like you based on information rather than speculation, and those users posting what facts led them to the recommendation. The fact is, the online crowd performed better, on average, than the overall stock market, when they made stock predictions.
"StockPickstr is elegantly simple, truly useful, and subtly powerful. It doesn't try to do too much, and it delivers its core service – stock prediction and social collaboration -- reliably and well," said Tania Haque, one of the co-founders of StockPickstr.

StockPickstr membership is free of charge and as a member you can:
• Submit stock prediction and financial news articles for others to vote on
• You can vote on stock picks and financial news articles that others submitted
• Add stock picks that interest you to your watch list
• As a Top user, have followers tracking and following your portfolio and stock picks
• Review all financial news and blogs of your interest in one place
• Easily make social connections with other members by adding them to your network
• Share trading strategies and ideas with like-minded investors on the forum
• Create your own profile page (like a biography), which is view-able by other members

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