Nicolas Barerra Rios 

by Nicolas Barerra  Rios Monday, December 16, 2013
Nicolas Barrera Rios is a renowned businessman and has especially excelled in the field of Information Technology and Telecommunication. Although he was born and raised in Lund, Sweden yet he has decided to target the Latin American Market to run most of his business ventures. In fact, he is a well-known figure in Latin America who has not only helped other organizations to establish themselves in this vast market but also have created hundreds of job opportunities for the common people of the region.
Nicolas Barrera was born in Lund, Sweden back in 1971. He passed his high school at Katedralskolan after getting his basic education from Fagelskolan. Later, he graduated in Business with distinction from Lund School of Business and Economics.

The professional career of Nicolas Rios has been quite multidimensional as he has worked in different capacities in various prestigious organizations of different nature and belonging to various niches. For instance, he started his career at Axis Communications and has worked for more than nine years for Mobilephun as a director. He has also founded a number of companies such as Ingenium Media, Wireless Village, CCM and
The Wireless Village is a consultancy company that trains other companies and aspiring entrepreneurs to establish them in Latin America. CCM specialized in providing different type of mobile content such as ringtones, wallpapers, SMS content and TV voting.

Nicolas Barrera Rios sold the company to Itouch Movilisto in the capacity of the CEO in 2005. However, Nicholas kept on serving the company till 2007 as Business Development Director for exploring Latin American markets. Established in 2000 and one of the earliest business venture of Nicholas Barrera Rios, Ingenium Media specialized in delivering intuitive and innovative TV formats according to the demands of the customers.

One of the most successful and popular business endeavorof Nicolas Barrera Rios has been without any doubt. It is actually a school that offers different courses for people who want to start a rewarding career at international stage. The school trains and educates students from across the globe to achieve necessary expertise, knowledge, attitude and skills to get appointments in merchant ship companies, cruise liners, mining companies or any internationally recognized organization working in the first world.

Apart from excelling in business and career development, Nicolas has been a super sportsman since his childhood and likes to play different games. For instance, he has been trained in taekwondo for more than 10 years and graduated from the Denken Taekwondo School in Lund with the much esteemed Black Belt, the greatest accolade of the sport. It is actually the time spent at learning taekwondo that induced the qualities of discipline, control and preservation in his personality that ultimately have made him an immaculate and successful person.

Similarly,Nicolas Barrera Rios is a very good squash player proving that he is a sportsman from heart and soul. Furthermore, he is brilliant at lawn tennis as well. In fact, he has learned to keep on struggling and consistently striving to achieve his goals by playing these games that demand determination, stamina and courage to succeed.

Another important aspect of Nicholas Barrera’s lifeis travelling. He is a passionate traveller and has been to various parts of the world. He is a true nature lover and regularly contributes towards various efforts aimed at protecting the environment. In fact, natural scenes and vast wildernesses fascinate him and therefore, he satisfies his thirst to witness different wonders of the nature by travelling across the globe whenever he can spare some time out of his busy schedule.

Finally, the goals and objectives of Nicolas Barrera Rios are simple and straight forward. For all his life, he has been working in different capacities and has found new companies with the basic purpose to help others also to succeed in life. He is a true gentleman and therefore, rightly held at an esteemed position.

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