Fontan Operation Website Comes of Age 

Authored by a pediatric heart surgeon and periodically updated to keep up with the latest trends, this longstanding online Fontan Operation resource has now completed 18 full years of existence at

by Bowker Roof Sunday, April 06, 2014 was launched in 1996, an effort of pediatric heart surgeon Dr.Sivasubramanian to offer information and life expectancy data on a complex form of congenital heart surgery performed for a range of rare heart birth defects called single ventricle.

Over the 18 years of its existence, the informative resource has provided support and encouragement to thousands of families and patients who have faced the ordeal of staged multiple heart operations for single ventricle conditions. The highlight of the online resource is a report called "After the Fontan" which is a detailed analysis of Fontan operation life expectancy as well as risks and outcome predictors for those undergoing the operation.

Ever since the Fontan operation was first devised by Dr.Francis Fontan, it has undergone several modifications including the popular fenestrated Fontan operation and the current version called the extracardiac Fontan operation. Information about this diverse surgical procedure that is only performed in around 500 children worldwide every year is scarce and hard to come by.

"The medical literature is replete with articles and reviews of Fontan outcomes," says Dr.Kulasekaran, a pediatric cardiologist at a popular heart hospital in Bangalore. "But the information has been highly technical and difficult for a lay person to understand."

The Fontan report available from has turned this on its head, making complex medical jargon easy to understand for patients and parents alike. In addition, the website features simple diagrams which explain the procedure in a manner that is intuitive and easy to follow.

To anxious parents and families, complicated procedures can be impossible to analyze and internalize. The Fontan Operation is one such procedure, with the many variations and modifications as well as Norwood operation and Glenn operation that are also options for single ventricle conditions making things even more confusing. This website comes as a draft of fresh air, clearing away the mists of confusion and offering clarity and understanding about the Fontan operation.

Authored by a pediatric heart surgeon and periodically updated to keep up with the latest trends, this longstanding online resource has now completed 18 full years of existence. You can visit it at

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