GetVisa - A game on US Immigration 

Get Visa is a mobile gaming app on U.S. immigration process that will help new immigrants to understand and prepare for their immigration journey.

by GVGame Visa Saturday, September 20, 2014
In 2014, 172,500 people applied for H1B visa. Out of those 51% were rejected through a lottery process. Another 1/4th of the applicants will be denied due to lack of documents or improper filings*.
The process is equally difficult for other visa categories. For example, it may take up to a decade to get a ‘Green Card’ depending on the country of birth and type of green card one applies for. After this long wait, there is still a chance that the application could be denied.

Announcing ‘Get Visa’
Get visa is a social gaming app based on real life events revolving around the mystery of US immigration process. The whole application process is explained in a fun and informative way thus educating applicants on what to expect when in the immigration process.
Get Visa game is a humble attempt to demystify the US immigration process.
• The game is an innovative gamification of US immigration process
• Play the game to experience the real life immigration process
• The game is a technologic solution that addresses a bureaucratic issue.
The game is aimed at millions of new immigrants who apply for various visa categories each year. Get Visa game is like talking to an attorney and getting information, just add some fun and entertainment to it.

Get Visa game on KickStarter
Get Visa launched on Kickstarter on Sep 15th 2014 to crowd-fund the development of the game. Kickstarter has been a traditional avenue to gain support and well-wishers for many game developers and immigration related projects in the past. This is the reason why GetVisa chose Kickstarter to crowd-fund the game.

About Us:
Piyush & Ravi: We graduated from a business school in 2012 and since then have personally experienced the dysfunctions of the US immigration system and the ambiguities surrounding the immigration process. Last year, our application was not selected in the lottery process and this year one of us was denied a green card and other one is waiting for the visa gods to smile.
We wanted to create a guidebook on US immigration process that is easy for everyone to understand and eliminates the ambiguities that surround the application process. This mission led us to create this game that would be both fun to play and informative to understand the US immigration process.
For further information Contact:
RAvi K
Twitter: @getvisagame

* Source: USICS, National Foundation for American Policy

A game on US immigration

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