In a Country in Crisis, What’s a Catholic to Do? 

Best-Selling Author Shares How “Equipping the Soul” Is Key to Rebuilding Lives

by Christine Schicker Thursday, May 07, 2009
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NEW YORK, May 7, 2009—“Winning at all costs is for losers,” says best-selling author Dave Durand. And when a country led by men and women with this ‘win at all costs’ philosophy starts to collapse, the rebuilding of the nation depends on the rebuilding of the soul. Durand recently released his new book, Win the World Without Losing Your Soul. Thoughtful, provoking and complete with insight on real life experiences, he provides a roadmap to success and stability without compromise.

In June, Pope Benedict XVI will release an encyclical on the global financial crisis. It is expected that he will boldly address the shortcomings of leadership within political and economic systems. In fact, on February 26 of this year, he gave a preview of his thoughts when he addressed pastors and clergy of the city of Rome. He said, “Motivating passions (such as selfishness and idolatry of money) cast a shadow over man’s reason and will, and lead him into the ways of error.”

In Win the World Without Losing Your Soul, published by The Crossroad Publishing Company, Durand provides a practical handbook for Catholics and anyone who understands that the soul is the key to successful leadership and lasting success. “It takes morally trained leaders to change this culture. What we have seen unravel over the past several months is the result of a lack of understanding of what it takes to succeed without compromising basic honesty and integrity. Most of this cataclysmic collapse of institutional and governmental structures could have been prevented in a society led by principles over personalities,” says Durand.

As the owner of three thriving business in this economy, Durand provides direction and hope for anyone struggling to make sense of what has happened around them. “People have witnessed that those who pursue success at all costs don’t succeed; they usually end up soulless—some go broke, some go to prison, but others end up desperate, isolated and unhappy, and oftentimes hated. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way—we can recover and rebuild—we can win the world by seeking (and achieving) success through the avoidance of the common pitfalls that lead to self-destruction.”

Win the World Without Losing Your Soul provides valuable insights on how to move forward in what may be confusing times. Fear and anxiety over personal situations may force many people to a crossroads, choosing what they think is necessary over choosing what they know is right. This book helps navigate through those situations and place readers firmly on the right path, and ultimately towards lasting success. After reading Win the World Without Losing Your Soul, 12-time MLB All-Star and future Hall of Famer Mike Piazza said, “Dave Durand coaches his readers towards the ultimate home run—a fulfilling life worthy of heavenly reward. Dave uses the right combination of relevant anecdotes and practical applications to show readers how to reach their potential and how to win the right way.”

Dave Durand is available for interviews. For more information on Win the World Without Losing Your Soul, or to schedule an interview, please contact Ashley Walker at 678-990-9032 or Christine Schicker at 404-610-8871, both with The Maximus Group.


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