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by Leonardemil Mins Tuesday, December 07, 2010
In pursuit of making the island an investment hub in Oceania, the government of Marshall Islands implemented the Marshall Islands Association Law that mirrored the corporate laws of Delaware and New York. Stipulated on the law is the confidentiality clause that protects foreign investors by exercising the right to withhold personal information of directors and shareholders from public registry.

In the Marshall Islands Business Corporations Act, the companies may issue bearer shares. Also, they are not obliged to disclose information such as the names of shareholders, directors, or officers to Registered Agent, Registrar, or any governmental authority in the island.

The protection coverage goes deeper as when a shareholder faces divorce, his or her shares in the company are not qualified for claims as the prenuptial agreement between a couple is recognized by the Marshall Islands Association Law.

In case of lawsuits and litigation from future creditors, the companies are protected too. The government of Marshall Islands protects companies from unwarranted distribution of property in incidences such as death.

Even during a time when insurance companies cannot or are unwilling to cover a claim, the corporations are still covered to protect them from financial losses. In some nations, the insurance companies do not provide protection coverage on environmental risks and hazards. Nonetheless, the same principle is not applied in RMI.

When it comes to composition requirements, the Marshall Island maintains lenient business statute, stating that a foreign company incorporated in RMI is not required to appoint a local resident director and local company secretary. According to Rikvin, a company that provides Marshall Islands Incorporation services, all shareholders and directors can be of foreign nationality.

Rikvin also says that RMI is zero-tax jurisdiction, exempting non-resident corporations from statutory taxes such as corporate, income, corporate profit, withholding, asset and property, stamp duty and exchange controls.

“Revenues accrued abroad by a non-resident corporation are exempted from corporate income tax in Marshall Islands as well,” Rikvin adds.

Unlike in other economies, the accounting and auditing requirements in Marshall Islands grant exemptions to corporations. Thus, they are not obliged to file or submit accounting or annual returns.

Moving forward, Rikvin specifies that company such as limited liability partnership and private limited company may be registered in Marshall Islands. To get started with the setup, foreign investors and or entrepreneurs may engage the professional services of an independent company such as Rikvin.

It also provides Marshall Island nominee director and nominee agent services.

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