How to convert PSD to HTML 

When a CD containing PSD images is designed, it has to be converted to HTML before being used on the web pages and even for the purpose of editing.

by Tim Baub Baub Monday, December 13, 2010
Actually why should you convert PSD to HTML? The conversion should never be disregarded, and proper care should be taken while coding the website as the appraisal of the website solely depends on it. This process of conversion is the most significant part of any website designing. Usually website designers use PSD file formats to store web pages, but it is not possible to do so as HTML code is the most accepted code for website designing. For instance, if a web designer happens to gets a CD containing PSD images, then he/she has to make them into HTML code, otherwise it is difficult to use them on web pages. Usually this conversion from PSD to HTML is done in three ways.

First and foremost being to use Adobe Photoshop, next you can also use PSD converter and finally even you can take the help of a professional to hard code the PSD to HTML code. For example, it is a common sight to see many graphic web designers saving their web pages as PSD files.

In the same way, conversion from PSD to WordPress is the apt solution for creating a WordPress theme from a Photoshop in order to get maximum outcome from search engines. It plays a crucial role in building visually attractive content on websites. Of course you need to remember that converting files from PSD to WordPress is not the same as PSD to HTML. By coding a PSD file to the most popular application called Word Press can bring us a ready-to-use WordPress theme and thereby can also bring us the desired results on the website.

As such there is no doubt that many of the business people prefer website powered by Word Press as it transmits the business message among all future expected visitors to the site and this has been the cause for the increased usage of this. It is a tool for online store management by which one can customize and integrate the Word Press according to the requirements in business. So the conversion from PSD to WordPress has become vital as of today.

Conversion of PSD to HTML and PSD to WordPress is inevitable as it is an integral part of website designing. And in a way it helps in development of business as it is a means of attracting potential customers to the website. You can always go online to get more details on this and can also get back to the relevant links in case of any need.

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