Investing In Antiques - Are You Doing It Right? 

With the global meltdown that happened in the recent past, people have lost their faith in stock market investments, mainly due to unreliability.

by Lola Babe Monday, December 20, 2010
With the global meltdown that happened in the recent past, people have lost their faith in stock market investments, mainly due to unreliability. The real money is being made with stones and metal these days and if you want to jump onto the money making bandwagon, then do read on. Sources say that antique investment is a growing market and is very profitable in the long run; for example, you can invest in silver antique jewelry which has a very high demand in the worldwide markets.

You may already know that investing in any form of antiques is always worth the effort, since the older they are the more likely it has increased rarity and therefore may be worth more in terms of money and value in the market. There are no rules etched in stone for an item deemed to be an antique, but it is generally known that any silver item more than a century old would be considered as one. A guideline came out as an act which was passed in the year 1930 and it states that any ornamental item or item of high artistic value, which includes items made of silver manufactured before 1830, since they were only handcrafted in those days, would be considered as an item of antiquity.

These days there is a growing trend of investing in deco jewelry made of silver and it has a correlation with antiquing. The period of 1915-1935 is a great period to make investments in silver. Any silver jewelry from those days would mean a lot of money and value to you as a collector. You could make a lot of gains from antique investments in such items, especially if they are embedded with precious or semi precious stones. In addition to that, since these items are under the purview of being more than a century old, they are classed as antiques, giving you the possibility of even greater returns with such investments.

When looking for antique investments you need to have an idea on what kind of deco jewelry you want to invest with. If you are looking at investing in art deco ornamental types then you better have a fair idea and expert advice backing you up at all times. Remember folks, all items from those days made in silver were HANDCRAFTED by craftsmen with superior skills. Items that are most likely to sell well are those made by Geroges, Cartier, Sandoz, Fouquet, Brandt, Chanel and even Van Cleef to name but a few.

When you plan to buy and move into antique investments on the internet, it would be wise NOT TO DO SO, since it can be hard to identify the real antiques from the imitation ones. But if you make sure you use reputed sellers then you should receive a certificate of authenticity for the items. Even investing in jewelry made of white gold or platinum is a win-win option. Do your homework and then make an informed decision with your investments, good luck!
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