Stuart Pease fibreglass mouldings go top speed with concept car 

by Alex Ribbs Thursday, December 23, 2010
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Versatile and unique fibreglass solutions put UK company on the map of the premier fibreglass manufacturing companies.
United Kingdom, December 2010 – Super famous British fibreglass manufacturer Stuart Pease has put itself on the map for good with a series of innovative and important fibreglass mouldings – including making the body parts for a concept sports car. The car, which can be seen in the on the Stuart Pease site, was manufactured to be as light and strong as possible – two properties of fibreglass that Stuart Pease knows better than most.
Stuart Pease founded his company back in the 1960s, shortly after the world wide uptake for GRP, or glass reinforced plastic (that is fibreglass, to all of us lay persons) in industrial and commercial applications. Then, as now, the beauty of glass reinforced plastic was its combination of lightness, strength and flexibility: lightness from the plastic, strength from the glass fibres, and malleability from the moulding process. Stuart Pease now makes fibreglass mouldings for all sorts of applications, from heavy duty chemical storage and control, to auto sports, to the transport and leisure industries.
Many of the current uses of glass reinforced plastic were at least partly invented by Stuart Pease: his company began experimenting with particular applications of the stuff back in the 80s, and is responsible for the process whereby fibreglass is combined with a heat resistant plastic polymer to enable fibreglass mouldings to be cast for chemical storage tanks, and containers for other hazardous materials. The company is still pushing the boundaries of the material, developing ever more robust uses of glass reinforced plastic in civic applications all over the United Kingdom. Stuart Pease ( is able to build one off fibreglass moulds of any size and for any project – or to concentrate on repeat use moulds for large scale industrial purposes. There’s a full gallery of work on site and a “can do” attitude in the company that means no project is too ambitious: yet not too small.


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