Business gets Bums on Seats to Bust Recession 

by sandeep thakur Thursday, December 23, 2010
UK businesses are increasingly using collapsible, retractable and fold out seating systems as a recession busting measure it has been revealed this week. Firms as well as sports grounds and educational institutions are seeking to maximise the use of existing spaces rather than shelling out to develop new ones.

Seating solutions are being used by companies as a way to make spaces highly flexible. Auditoria Service’s Patrick Donoghue explains, “Some businesses are putting in retractable seating systems that allow a room to be used as a conference space, but when the chairs are packed away the room can be used as desk space or even for light manufacturing duties. This means that firms can maximise efficiency in spatial usage terms and this translates into financial efficiency when they avoid having to purchase or rent additional facilities”.

Mr Donoghue notes that this trend isn’t confined to businesses. He says “In schools and colleges, halls that are used for performances and concerts are usually the same rooms that are used for lunch times and maybe even PE or drama rehearsals. Retractable seating is seen as the most cost and time efficient way of making sure that space can be converted to suit the needs of the moment.”

This perhaps explains why Auditoria Services have continued to see demand for their products rise despite the ongoing bite of the recession. “Firms and educational establishments don’t see retractable or moveable seating simply as a cost” Mr Donoghue tells us “rather they see it as an investment that will pay for itself and keep on giving as money is saved on rental costs and real estate purchases.”

Auditoria Services have also seen customers coming back to them saying they see versatile seating as a good investment because it looks good as well as proving cost effective. “At the end of the day, it’s nice to work in a nice setting and it’s nice for clients to see a business or partner firm they’re dealing with have slick and good looking facilities. Retractable seating is a way of getting that without breaking the bank.”

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