Personal GPS tracker devices: A boon of technology 

A real time tracker is currently one of the hottest words one can hear on the streets. Modern humans do not believe in the fact of waiting for information.

by amy perry Friday, December 24, 2010
A real time tracker is currently one of the hottest words one can hear on the streets. Modern humans do not believe in the fact of waiting for information. With impatience being the new language of every soul, people desire and need information right on the spot. The disastrous incidents occurring in the underdeveloped countries reflect the need of a personal GPS tracker to avoid untoward situations. Lost skiers, hikers, cliff hangers, mountain climbers, hunters and adventure enthusiasts need a lot of effort to be escorted by the SAR personnel. While these expeditions involve a lot of cost, they also put the lives of the rescuers in danger.

Thanks to the new mobile phone technology, in collaboration with the manufacturing regulations that has incorporated the GPS tracker in the handsets. This step will prove to be of great help, particularly to the SAR rescuers in locating out lost victims. However, one limitation that can cut down the use of this amazing technology in a cellular phone is the battery life. Lost individuals will mange to keep the charge working in their phones to keep the functions of the personal GPS tracker going, provided their mind is clear. But, most individuals, by the obvious exhaustions and stress of getting lost suffer a reduction in their cognitive reasoning skills.

To respond to such situations, GPS tracking devices now come with locator capability, which needs to be activated by the lost or distressed individual. These new devices are designed to use the technology of satellite phones for broadcasting the precise location of the tracker to within about a range of 10 to33meters. Activating the real time tracker is easy as it takes only a push on the panic button. This has multiple added advantages like, you do not have to worry about the life span of the battery or respond a contact through the cell phone as both are quite impractical in case of any serious injury.

Last year, a deer hunter who had the misfortune of falling off her tree stand was luckily rescued promptly even though she suffered a leg and hip break. With the help of the personal GPS tracker provided by her husband, she could enable the alert button during her period of consciousness. Even though, she suffered terrible injuries and lost consciousness, being stranded in the snow for sometime, the rescuers eventually succeeded in locating her through the GPS locator. Such an adverse event is almost impossible to survive when the searchers have no clue of your position. Thus a real time tracker is immensely helpful in locating a person’s location in the real time frame. It is indeed a boon to humankind.

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