Giving Importance to Surfboard Fin Design 

For the more experienced set of surfers, they know that a surfboard fin design is more important than other things related to the tool they use in their passion.

by amy perry Saturday, December 25, 2010
For the more experienced set of surfers, they know that a surfboard fin design is more important than other things related to the tool they use in their passion. Yes, surfboard fin systems is one element of the design process that ensures riders are able to maximize their boards while in the water – thus increasing their high performance and make the most out of every wave.

Basically, the surfboard fin design acts as traction so the surfboard will glide easily over the surface and stick to the wave. There are different kinds of surfboard fin systems, and you choose the one depending on the kind of surfing experience you want. The differences in surfboard fin systems are slight, but the effects are really significant. One alteration in the surfboard fin design and you can make the board sweep or whatever it is that you were hoping to achieve with it.

For example, a surfboard fin design which has a greater depth will sit deeper into the water; therefore it will be more stable and will allow you a wide breadth of stability and control. Some surfboard fin systems feature flexible fins so you have an easier time turning your surfboard. Without this flexibility, it is harder to make tricks. On the other hand, if the fin is stiff then you can endure waves longer and in a more stable manner. Basically, the customizations will depend on the placement of the fin and the surface area. A larger surf area means increased stability and hold, which is best for heavy surfers.

The placement of the surfboard fin has an effect on turning responsiveness. If it is close to the bottom, then you have an easy time turning. If the fins are far apart, then you cannot turn so much though you can engage in double overhead type of surfs that require more stability and increased speed. You can choose from three different kinds of fin setups. First you have the single fin which is ideal for beginners since this offers good control. This is also best for long boards. Next, you have the thrust setup. This one is preferred by high performance riders on short boards. And finally, you have twinners which are not common but idea for those who like to be fast and don’t care much for control.

The kind of surfboard fin design you choose will inevitably depend on the kind of surfer that you are as well as your preferred style once riding out on the waves. As you can see, it is very important to consider the surfboard fin systems because it makes all the difference. If you fancy yourself as a flexible surfer who prefers different styles of surfing, you may opt for interchangeable surfboard fins that will allow you greater control and stability as you want it. At the end of the day, choosing the right fin will really matter if you want to achieve what you set out to do in the water.

Resource Box: Surfboard fin systemsvary, which is why you should get to know each type closely. When you know what kind of surfer you are, you will know what kind of surfboard fin design to go for.

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