Purchasing Premium Authentic Chinese White Tea Online -- Tips for Buyers 

White tea is the gem of all teas. In terms of taste, aroma, and therapeutic benefits, this tea is considerably superior to some other varieties.

by amy perry Saturday, December 25, 2010
White tea is the gem of all teas. In terms of taste, aroma, and therapeutic benefits, this tea is considerably superior to some other varieties. Unfortunately, this tea is quite scarce and a bit expensive. That is because it is only grown in limited areas in China. And remember, the premium loose leaf white tea is picked before the leaves are fully matured. The leaves of this kind are picked and selected carefully by the foremost tea gurus of China. More importantly, the original nutrients and flavors of this tea have been retained because the leaves are among the least processed. So if you want to buy white tea online, here are some practical tips that you should seriously consider.

White tea’s popularity has increased significant during recent years and there is an increasing number of people going online searching for white teas, for health information and to purchase. First of all, when you buy white online, you need to closely consider its quality. Authentic premium loose leaf white teas are pure and unadulterated. You have to take note that there are many online vendors peddling white teas claiming to be of premium quality. Certain defects I have come crossed recently:
1. Off season teas. There is crucial quality difference when it comes to seasonal or non-seasonal tea. It is not hard to find tea shops selling teas from second or further down the track dealers that they have no idea how long the teas have been produced. Without specific storage, the quality of most tea types (except aged teas like Pu-erh) could deteriorate between 60% - 95% after 12 months.
2. Using tea fillers. White teas are blended with dry flowers, fruits, berries such Goji and even chili. You should not fall for this kind of marketing gimmick. There are two purposes of this sort of practice: cover the original low quality flavor, and dilute the original value (premium white tea is far more expensive than the fillers added.)
3. White teas sold on the market that are made of cheaper green tea leaves. Chinese premium white teas are only produced in certain pocket areas of China where special white tea plants grow under premium conditions. There are merchants suppliers ‘white teas’ made of cheaper green teas leaves. Experienced white tea drinkers will be able to tell the difference immediately, but not so for a beginner.

Second, before you buy white tea online, you need to determine what you want. There are different grades of white teas. Unlike others teas, white teas are graded in hierarchy: Silver Needle using only the leaf buds, white peony using a couple of leaves below and other using leaves further down the branch. The high grade teas offer better flavor and texture, inevitably insure higher prices. As far as the top white tea is concerned, nothing can compare with organically grown silver needle. It contains rich amount of minerals and the flavor is pristine. The premium loose leaf white tea has a distinct delicious flavor compared to the grassy taste of teas made of fully bloomed leaves. To make sure that you are getting what you want, it would be best to deal with an online retailer that offers free samples before purchase.

If this is your first time to buy white tea online, you are probably worried that you will not be able to get the right quality you want. Look for customer testimonials and reviews of the product. For example, before making a purchase, read customer reviews of Valley Green Tea white teas. But make sure that the reviews are authentic. Genuine customer reviews are good indicators of product quality. And if you really want to be reassured, the retailer should give a full money back guarantee for your purchase. If the quality of the tea is not what you expected, you should be able to return the product and get your money back without questions.

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