Premium Chinese Black Tea, You Will Not Forget Once You Have Tasted It 

Are you planning to buy black tea online? Do you want to have the best black tea that has a rich flavor and packed with many healthy benefits?

by amy perry Saturday, December 25, 2010
Are you planning to buy black tea online? Do you want to have the best black tea that has a rich flavor and packed with many healthy benefits? It can be quite challenging for first time buyers to select a tea especially the black variants because there are dozens of them available on the market today. Try some of the premium Chinese black teas which are picked directly from the lush tea plantations of the Orient. There is one thing that separates the black Chinese tea varieties from the rest, such as the English breakfast and Darjeeling, which is the Chinese black teas have retained the original aroma and full bodied flavors of traditional Imperial beverages served for the ancient Emperors.

Chinese black is the origin of all black teas and it is available online. For the western societies, many have been used to black teas such as English breakfast or Darjeeling for a long time, should it be in form of tea bags or loose leaves. These teas have been modified to various degrees and flavors added since the original exportations of the tea plants and making skills from China during the 16th century, in order to create their unique brands. The Chinese varieties on the other hand, are not being as frequently displayed on the supermarket shelves.

With the other categories of Chinese teas, such as green and white teas, gaining increasing popularity worldwide recently, we challenge the black tea lovers to revisit the authentic origin of all black teas – Chinese black tea. You will discover some true magic. For example, the 1915 Panama World's Trade Fair award winning Keemum Black Tea is described as: a rich reddish color; smooth texture; gently sweet 'roses like' aroma; and a unique 'Keemum fragrance' which includes a hint of wine, flower, fruit and pine. It is an experience that is hard to forget once you tasted it.

There are hundreds of other premium Chinese black teas with centuries old history and rich flavors that you can choice from. The tips of the top leaves of the tea plant are picked and fermented. These leaves turn to darker hues that look dark red. (The Chinese call them red teas instead of black teas.) The flavors of premium Chinese black teas can sometimes be hard to be explained in words. You have to experience it in order to understand why it is the chosen tea of the Emperors

The Chinese black teas are not just delicious and flavorful, they are also packed with beneficial antioxidants. They are smoother compared to other varieties of Chinese teas as the result of their fermentation nature. They are well known to assist in digestions and are an excellent supplement in weight management.

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