Get the benefits of Advantage flea medication for dogs. 

Many pet owners will be happy to know that there are now dozens of available flea control products to help them with their pets’ flea problems.

by amy perry Monday, December 27, 2010
Many pet owners will be happy to know that there are now dozens of available flea control products to help them with their pets’ flea problems. Advantage flea medication for dogs is not only one of the most popular flea control medications available, it is also one of the most effective in the market today. The Advantage flea control medication from Bayer has proven to be effective in controlling unwanted fleas and preventing them from attacking your pet dogs and potentially causing them more diseases and illnesses.

Now, let’s find out just why this Bayer product is as effective as it claims to be. The effectiveness in the Advantage flea control medication lies in its ability to work fast. In a span of three to five minute after the application of the Advantage flea medication for dogs, it readily gets to work. An hour after its application, you can expect the solution to start killing adult fleas, while 99% to 100% of the fleas are killed within 12 hours following the application. The use of this flea control medication is also considered safe and convenient because the applications only need to be done once a month and will ensure that the flea infestation has been completely eliminated.

Other than the discomfort that fleas cause on dogs, they also spread other parasitic organisms in your dog and also cause other skin infections. It is therefore critical that flea infestation in your dogs be detected in its early stages to eliminate further health problems for your pet. In fact it is best to prevent fleas in the first place with year round treatment.

Imidacloprid is the main active ingredient in Advantage flea medication for dogs. This ingredient works on the flea’s nervous system, causing it paralysis and eventually death. The Advantage flea control medication is effective to use if you want to kill the fleas before they are able to lay eggs. This medication is likewise effective to use against flea larvae in particular and put an end to the flea’s life cycle in general.

Advantage flea medication for dogs and advantage flea control products for cats are considered very effective not only in terms of eliminating your pet’s flea problems but also in terms of their being waterproof. Hence, they are very ideal to use on dogs and cats who are very outdoorsy and loves playing in the water or just getting wet. Because the product is readily absorbed by the skin within two hours after the application, this pet medication remains effective even after shampooing.

Pet owners should however be made aware that the Advantage flea medication for dogs and other similar Advantage flea control medications for cats do not prevent ear mites, ticks, mange, and intestinal worms as opposed to other parasitic medications that claim to be “all-in-one” solutions. But it is likewise important to note that some Advantage products combine flea protection with the prevention of heartworms. When buying your Advantage products online, make sure that you’re dealing with credible suppliers that have been approved and only carry products that are genuine products from the manufacturer or licensed wholesaler.

Resource Box: Simply go online to find and order your very own pack of Advantage flea medication for dogs. Advantage flea control should effectively help you protect your family and pets from unwanted fleas.

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