Exploring the world in a Diamond DA40 from Diamond Aircraft Industries 

Diamond Aircraft Industries is one of the most well known names among those that are interested in aircraft and flying.

by amy perry Thursday, December 30, 2010
Diamond Aircraft Industries is one of the most well known names among those that are interested in aircraft and flying. Founded in Austria in 1981, the company has now spread its wings worldwide and is a reputed aircraft supplier to owners all over the world. The signature aircraft of the company is the Diamond DA40, a single engine, four seat, light aircraft. The owners of the relatively new Diamond aircraft are now sharing their experience, adventures and any other information DAI related aviation on the Diamond Aviators Net.

The Diamond Aviators Net forum is the first free and open forum for the pilots and owners of these beautiful flying machines. Its members, the Diamond Aviators are based all over the globe and this forum is the melting point for all of them. It does not matter which part of the world you belong to, if you are a Diamond aircraft enthusiast then this is the place you want to be. Some of the features of this forum are:

- Announcements – The announcements section of the forum is what it is named for. For anything and everything new related to Diamond aircraft this is the place you need to look for. You get regular announcements and updates that are deemed essential for the Diamond flying community.

- Hangar Talk – Hangar Talk is the place to share anything and everything. This area can be used for sharing best practices, experiences and any other news. Some members even use this place to seek best routes or troubleshooting steps.

- Polls – The polls sections is, again, a place where a registered user can float an online poll where other registered users express their opinions.

- The Diamond DA40 forum is a place where you get to know everything related to this aircraft. There is also the Diamond DA42 forum that is dedicated to the Diamond DA42 aircraft.

- The classified section is used for advertising items on sale. All registered members can buy or sell their Diamond-related items here.

- The Travel & Destinations section talks deals with travels, trips and smaller or bigger adventures of the associated Diamond pilots.

- For all those gizmos and gadgets, see the Diamond Gadgets & Extras section that is moderated by Mr. Gadget.

- The Diamond reports section allows the interested pilot to upload G1000 logfiles of a DA40 or DA42 to show the 3d flight track on Google Earth, read out and display all engine parameters etc. of each second of the flight.

When you think of Diamond aircraft then the one aircraft that you cannot miss is the Diamond DA40. Powered by a Lycoming, Thielert/Centurion or Austro Engine, this aircraft is the flagship carrier of Diamond Aircraft Industries. Although the other beautiful aircraft in the fleet, such as Diamond DA20, DA42 and HK36 are also very well known, the DA40 has been the company’s bread and butter aircraft.

If you are a Diamond DA40 pilot and/or owner, you should check out Diamond Aviators Net, the resource for anything related to Diamond aircraft.

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The Diamond DA40 is the flagship carrier of Diamond Aircraft Industries. It is not only flying pleasure that you get from Diamond but much more than that.

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