Green Power Revealed the new ebook just launched! 

We are all worried about the economy, keeping our jobs and houses, saving money and being able to pull ahead in life and retire when we want to.

by Adrian Niculescu Monday, January 03, 2011
We also worry that the way we live our lives might be impacting the earth in terrible ways... global warming is a significant concern and we all want to do what we can to help and repair the environment.

There is a common misconception that you can’t care for the environment AND save money. People view “green strategies” as costing more money, such as
installing alternative energy in their home or sourcing local organic food, or buying an expensive hybrid car... This is only one small part of the eco
picture though!

Due to the launch of the ebook "Green Power Revelaed", you can uncover all the money-saving tips and tricks that will save your bank account and the planet too… Starting Today! Get Set To Discover All The Easy, Inexpensive, Smart, Simple, Daily Things That YOU Can Do Or Change In Your Life To Save The Environment AND Save You Piles Of Cash In The Process! From Today, You can Embrace Being Green For Huge Results!

Here’s a quick taste of all the incredible information and money-saving, earth-saving tips and tricks that you can uncover inside Green Power Revealed...

1. Discover the many ways you can reduce your energy usage around your home, in ways you never thought possible;
2. Don't just think inside your home either; there are easy things you can do in your garden to go green and save cash in the process;
3. Uncover the greener choices you can make in your workplace, or on vacation... it's now easy to make simple changes to reduce your carbon footprint;
4. In the home, see how you can stop wasting water and electricity, and still have more than enough;
5. See how to stop wasting gas in your car, without impacting your lifestyle;
6. See how you can stop wasting food, and so save massively on your grocery bill as a result;
7. When it comes to your car, uncover the best way to overcome tire rolling resistance, and see how parking the smart way can save you 25% better fuel
8. You will also know whether you should switch off your car engine or let it sit idle, if your waiting time is more than a minute... just simple strategies
like this really help the environment and really reduce fuel consumption;
9. You'll see how to save up to $2000 per year in health costs and still help the environment;
10. Also how to save 15% of your household's water consumption with a simple device that cost next to nothing;
11. And save 10% in energy cost drying your clothes by throwing in one item in every load of clothes you dry...
12. And save an additional 5% off your electrical bill each year at a flick of a switch, not what you would think....
13. And save 3,000 gallons of water saved each year without getting out of the shower sooner...
14. And save by getting free heat by throwing a party
15. And save by reducing heat loss in windows up to 45% without upgrading your windows...
16. The list of SAVINGS, both environmental and financial, just goes on and on!

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