Chinese horoscope 2011 – You can Get Chinese Zodiac . 

The Chinese horoscope let you know about few qualities of a person depending on the year they were born.

by ganesha krti Tuesday, January 04, 2011
[HTML]As in Chinese every year is given an animal in the horoscope with corresponding Chinese elements. If you compare the Chinese horoscope 2011 with the western then they see too same as both are divided in to twelve parts, only different is in year and month as Chinese zodiac is divided into years instead of months.

Rat horoscope 2011 – If you want to know about their compatibility then they are best partnered with a Dragon and a Monkey.

Ox - it is known that oxen are very practical and honest and like to be good surgeons, dentists, architects and technicians. An Ox's ideal partner is a Rat, Rooster or a Snake.

Tiger – If you talk about their compatibility then Chinese horoscope compatibility shows that Tigers are compatible with a Horse, Dragon or Dog.
Rabbit – They are known to be a good brokers, receptionists, and pharmacists. Compatibility for Chinese horoscope signsis the Ram, Dog and Pig.

Dragon horoscope 2011 - If you want to know their compatibility then they are very compatible with people under the signs of Rat, Monkey and Rooster.

Snake horoscope 2011 - They are extraordinaryself-critical and determined, they make good professors, writers and psychologists. They are well compatible with Dragon and the Dog.

Horse - They are best compatible with signs of the Tiger and the Ram.
Ram – The fields in which they can do well are gardeners, entertainers and photographers. Chinese horoscope compatibility signs are the Boar and Horse.

Monkey horoscope 2011 - They are known to be very compatible with Dragons and Rats.

Dog- They are known to be very compatible with the signs of the Horse and Tiger.

Pig - They make good doctors, bankers and businessmen. They are compatible with Rabbits and Rams.

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