Read This Free Report To Get Your Novel Published 

An Insider's Look at How to Avoid Scams and Become a Published Author

by Michael LaRocca Wednesday, January 05, 2011
Read This Free Report To Get Your Novel Published

An Insider's Look at How to Avoid Scams and Become a Published Author

The latest book by your favorite author is on the shelf of your local bookstore like an old friend. If you've ever wondered how it got there, then veteran author Michael LaRocca's free white paper is a must read.

After hearing story after story about people who were scammed by unscrupulous so-called publishers and so-called editors and so-called agents, LaRocca has done something about it. His free white paper, Writing Your Novel Is The Easy Part, will protect you from getting scammed.

"Never pay to be published," he stresses. "Authors don't pay publishers. Readers pay publishers. Publishers pay authors."

LaRocca provides good advice for everyone, from the literary author who expects a small but loyal following to the genre author who dreams of mainstream success. This free white paper is a valuable source of information for the author who views a single book as his or her life's work, for the prolific author of dozens of novels who has a few more left to write, and everyone in between.

LaRocca is the author of eight published novels, three of which were EPPIE finalists. "I never write in the same genre twice," he says, even as he explains why this makes publication much more difficult.

"Writing is a calling but publishing is a business," he notes. His background as an author, as the editor of over 300 published novels, and as an Acquisition Editor for over eight years, gives him a unique perspective on the business aspects of writing fiction.

LaRocca has learned (sometimes the hard way) what to do and what not to do in his quest for publication. His free white paper guides readers through their journey to becoming a published author so that no one else makes the same mistakes he did.

And yes, he adds, he has been scammed, but that was 20 years ago. He's since learned when to be a creator and when to be a businessman, and he wants to teach all authors how to do the same before they waste a few thousands dollars they can't afford to waste.

Writing Your Novel Is The Easy Part is available for immediate download from . Michael LaRocca can be contacted at .

Michael LaRocca has written 8 published novels and edited more than 300 published novels and textbooks, along with thousands of white papers and other shorter works.

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