How to Create Effective Indian Classified Ads that Make More Money for You 

You can generate a lot of sales from online Indian classified sections. Classifieds on line provide a free platform for you to reach the lucrative Indian market.

by Lola Babe Saturday, January 08, 2011
You can generate a lot of sales from online Indian classified sections. Classifieds on line provide a free platform for you to reach the lucrative Indian market. However, posting online classified ads is not a guarantee for success. There are so many online advertisers who can not generate a single sale from their ads. Although online classifieds can reach millions of people, it does not automatically mean that your ads will convert well. If you want to boost sales, here are the effective ways to create classified ads that make money for you.

First, you need to follow the AIDA advertising model. When using classifieds online, the AIDA approach is one of the most powerful marketing models available for you. Whether you are using Indian classified or other global markets, this model can help generate more sales for you. AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. You need to attract attention by creating powerful ad headlines. After getting the attention of customers, you have to build interest for your products. Then build desire by highlighting the benefits of your products and services. And most importantly, you have to make a clear call to action. The call to action will encourage potential customers to buy from you or to get more information.

Developing the skill to create effective ads may take a few practice runs. To make sure that your online Indian classified ads will attract customers, you have to test different sets of advertising or marketing copy. For starters, you should experiment with three different variations of the same ad. Try different headlines and call to action. Vary your benefits presentation and experiment with the use of different fonts and text emphasis. Post your experimental advertising copy on the same section of Indian classifieds on line. Then track your conversion and query volume to determine the effectiveness of a particular ad. Choose the ad copy that can generate more sales for you. Replicate the ads and post them in different segments of the Indian market.

Lastly, you need to carefully choose a lucrative classifieds on line market. When using Indian classified sections, you will notice that you can post ads in various categories and you can choose a specific city or region where your ads can be displayed. Just like the second step, you have to test the market. Launch different ad campaigns in various market segments. For example, you can start a campaign in the New Delhi market. See if your conversions will increase. After a week, launch another campaign in the Mumbai market. Repeat this process until you determine which market segments in India can generate bigger sales for you. You can focus your attention to these lucrative markets while launching secondary campaigns in less profitable areas.

Boosting the profitability of your online classified ads is easy. All you need to do is to create powerful advertisements that will catch the attention of your market and will compel them to buy from you. It is also important to test your markets and identify lucrative sectors from non-performing market segments.
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