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Buy the Submission Master by Paying in Installments

by Bob Dorris Thursday, January 13, 2011
Pembroke Pines, FL. December 30, 2010 There is good news for all those MMA training enthusiasts who have wanted to get a grappling dummy but have been unable to do so owing to the inability to make a one time payment. And since the benefits of a good grappling dummy are many, this is one contraption that is definitely missed by any dedicated MMA training aficionado.

MMA training equipment manufacturer, S.M.A.R.T. Athletics, Inc. has announced that their ‘Submission Master’ grappling dummy can now be bought by making three monthly payments. This offer, according to the management of the company, is in place because, “no true MMA training enthusiast should miss out on getting the right aid simply because making a onetime payment is not an option.”

A good thing about this offer is that the grappling dummy is shipped soon after the first payment is received. Another plus about this offer is that one does not have to pay an exorbitant amount because of the payment plan. As opposed to paying a onetime cost of $590 dollars (including shipping), the installment plan requires three payments of $207 each over a period of three months and this includes the shipping costs as well. In total, this comes to $621, and that’s only $31 more than the original cost. Whether this is a good opportunity to avail of a seemingly good grappling dummy is for anyone to see.

Why the Submission Master?

The manufacturers of this grappling dummy claim that, “not only will it allow you to develop your technique, but it would also help you to get in great shape.” Also, since the user is practicing against a dummy, the otherwise prevalent injuries associated with MMA training can also become a thing of the past. The Submission Master claims to keep its arms and legs up irrespective of the MMA training abuse that it is subjected to, and this means that one would be free to try an assortment of MMA moves such as the start and turtle positions, leg locks, knee bars, etc. on the dummy.
The Submission Master grappling dummy is hand filled, machine sewn, and covered with Cordura to maximize its durability. Additionally, the Submission Master also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, wherein, if consumers are not satisfied with either the workmanship or the construction of the grappling dummy, their money stands to be returned (minus the shipping costs).

Placing an order for the Submission Master is simple and can be done through their website.

S.M.A.R.T. Athletics, Inc. is based out of Florida, USA. It was founded by Bob Dorris, himself an MMA training enthusiast with over 35 years of association with this field; and his aim, he says, “is for others to benefit from my experience in the world of martial arts.”

Phone: 954-478-3685

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