Ways to Save On Your Last Minute Barcelona Trip 

by amy perry Friday, January 14, 2011
Going on a last minute Barcelona trip? Lucky you! While you have to come to terms that there are some parts of this last minute trip that will cost you a lot (such as the plane ticket) you do not have to be a pauper upon arrival. You have hotel discounts to rely on, as well as other tried and tested tips that will ensure you get to save here and there. These savings, when pooled together, are quite significant.

First of all, a last minute Barcelona trip is made easier on the pocket when you get hotel discounts. Hotel discounts are really worth it. You can check for these deals online or ask someone you know to refer a place that provides hotel discounts. These can slash off as much as fifty to sixty percent off the rates. But of course, do not expect that these hotel discounts are going to be very luxe; if ever, they will be quite basic so as to justify the price slash. Then again, you will not be spending all your time holed up in your room while on a last minute Barcelona trip so this should not matter so much.

Now that you have got that all figured out, it is time to know where else to cut corners on your last minute Barcelona trip. At the top of the list is water. As a tourist, you will be going around a lot and might be inclined to buy a bottle of water at some stops. This might seem like small change, but it adds up. It is better to fill up a bottle at your hotel and tote it with you all throughout the day. If you must buy water, consider getting a slightly bigger bottle and spilt with a friend. Avoid drinking sugary stuff because this will just make you all the thirstier later on.

Second, make sure your shoes are comfortable because you will be walking around a lot! Walking is better than taking taxis on your last minute Barcelona trip. You can arrange to be dropped off in the center of a particular interesting tourist destination and walk your way around it. As a compromise, only allow yourself to take a taxi or the shuttle by the end of the day to give your tootsies a rest as you make your way back to the hotel. Third, food is something you can save on. You did not go to Barcelona to stuff everything in your mouth, so might as well as savor bites and cut costs by spilling dishes with a friend.

Fourth, make sure you take advantage of all the free entertainment you can find. Armed with a fully charged digital camera, take as many poses as you want in free museums, public places of interest and other landmarks in that beautiful city. Photo opportunities need not cost so much, so ensure that you are going to find all the free opportunities that you can. Put all these neat tips together and you will be surprised to find out how fulfilling your Barcelona trip is.

Resource Box: Going on a last minute Barcelonatrip promises a lot of fun. With hotel discounts and neat ways to save, it can also be easy on the pocket!

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