Calendar 2011- Know More About Full Moon Calendar 

We are talking about moon, and it not only used in the field of astronomy, but it has its existence in several cultures at that time when astronomy was not an established field of science.

by ganesha krti Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Here we will discuss about the lunar calendar - a calendar which is prepared on the basis of different phases of moon. As most of us use the Gregorian calendar, there do exist some cultures across the world which resort to the lunar Calendar 2011 or we can say the moon phases calendar in now days also. The best example can be the Islamic calendar or Hijri calendar which consists 12 lunar months. Here are the different phases of the moon as seen from the earth.

Full Phases of the Moon

If you want to see different between a new moon and full moon, then you need to be well versed with the various phases of this natural satellite. The four major phases of the moon are as, initial one is New Moon - wherein the Moon appears as a narrow waxing crescent, First Quarter - wherein one half of the Moon is visible, Full Moon - wherein the Moon is fully illuminated, and the end part is known as Last Quarter - wherein one half of the moon is visible. Basically, a new moon is the lunar phase wherein the Sun, Moon and the earth come in a straight line - with the Moon in between the Sun and Earth in such a manner that the dark portion of the moon faces the Earth.

As a result of this, the moon is not visible from the Earth with the naked eye during the new moon day. The full moon, on the other hand, is the lunar phase wherein the Earth is in between and sun and moon lie on either side. As a result of this, the Suns light gets reflected on the face of the moon which is facing the Earth and it gets illuminated - thus making the moon appear bright in nature.

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