Know more about companies running link building campaigns than the concept of link building 

Link building as a concept has been so popular over the years that it is impossible not to try and know something about it. Clients today just don’t rely on their SEO service providers blindly.

by Scarlet Synclair Friday, January 21, 2011
Link building as a concept has been so popular over the years that it is impossible not to try and know something about it. Clients today just don’t rely on their SEO service providers blindly. They want to know what exactly is in the pipeline for their link building campaigns.

Ever since the concept of online marketing came into being, SEO companies have invested time in link building campaigns. Search engines too have always treated these campaigns favorably and have changed their algorithms to make this process sturdier. It is companies like Gamit that have changed along with the search engines and have continuously added new dimensions to link building.

As a business it is not really feasible spending time and energy on knowing the exact details of link building campaigns. It is, however, important to ensure that as a client someone is completely aware of what is going to get done and the expected results that are going to come out of the campaigns. But on the technical side, it is best to leave the job to experienced link building professionals. At the end of the day a business is really interested in the results and not how the results were achieved. Gamit has always provided ample information to its clients and this is the reason it now handles more than 100 projects a month whereas it used to handle only 10 five years ago.

When someone like me reads any information on link building online, one of the common points that always come up is about the quality of the links. Unlike some of the other online marketing strategies, the sheer weight of numbers is not good for link building campaigns. Search engines actually devalue websites on page rank when they see too many links pointing to them. A natural link from a quality website is any day better than hundreds of unrelated links from unknown websites. Gamit, despite producing upward of 30,000 links a month, ensures that all the links are quality links. This allows them to guarantee links for their clients.

For online businesses, it is more worthwhile spending time on identifying the most professional link building companies rather than breaking their head over the exact process. The business of link building campaigns continuously goes through updates and those SEO companies that are always abreast of these updates are the ones businesses should focus on. Gamit has an extensive experience in link building for five years and its strong team of 40 continuously researched any changes in the domain of link building.

Clients need that trust factor when they assign link building campaigns to their service providers. There have been enough instances where SEO companies have not produced results through link building and simply disappeared with the money. Gamit uses the same strategies for its clients that it uses on its own website and ensures high page rank with search engines. This has enabled them to build great amount of trust that has augured well for it and will continue to do so in future.
For businesses, greater emphasis should be placed on finding professional link building companies rather than getting into the details of link building campaigns .

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