Calendar 2011- Full Moon Calendar 2011 Edition 

We are talking about moon, and it not only used in the field of astronomy, but it has its existence in several cultures at that time when astronomy was not an established field of science.

by ganesha krti Monday, January 24, 2011
Here we will discuss about the lunar calendar - a calendar which is prepared on the basis of different phases of moon. As most of us use the Gregorian calendar, there do exist some cultures across the world which resort to the lunar Calendar or we can say the moon phases calendar in now days also.

as we already know that lunar Calendar 2011 is based on the phases of moon's cycle or the lunar cycle. This lunar cycle goes as follows: new moon → first quarter → full moon → last quarter → new moon. In lunar calendars, a month refers to the period between two full moons or two new moons - depending on which lunar calendar is taken into consideration. There are different types of lunar calendars differs from the each other. If we take the example of the Hindu calendar then in that, the month starts with a full moon and ends with the next full moon. If we consider the Chinese lunar calendar, the month starts with the new moon and ends with the next new moon. You can refer to the 2011 full moon calendar for the 12 days of the year wherein you will be able to witness the full moon in the sky.

Considering to these phases of the moon calendar, the first full moon appearance in 2011 is scheduled for 19th January at 09:22 PM (21:22 hours.) On this day the moon will appear very bright and full from the planet. Other than the dates of full moon, the full moon calendar 2011 given above also has the dates of new moon enlisted in it. In Chinese calendar, you can start with 3rd February, 2011, which marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year 2011 – the Year of Rabbit. On a new moon day, it will appear as if there is no moon in the sky and you will have to resort to a telescope to witness this celestial body.

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