Big ideas for a small MN wedding. 

Everybody’s aware how much worse the global economy is nowadays and how unstable the real estate and financial markets are so it’s always practical to come up with great ideas.

by Gail Black Thursday, January 27, 2011
Everybody’s aware how much worse the global economy is nowadays and how unstable the real estate and financial markets are so it’s always practical to come up with great ideas however small your MN wedding is. With the average American wedding costing around $20,000, it’s the perfect time to look at St. Paul weddings in a different perspective. Limiting the number of guest that you will invite to your big day should not always be looked down. Not only will it reduce the overall expenses that you will have to shoulder, you can also have a very memorable and intimate wedding that everyone will surely enjoy.

One of the good things about deciding to hold a small and intimate MN wedding is that you can be more playful with the location. Small St. Paul weddings always have the advantage of getting rid of the expensive rentals for those typical large wedding venues plus the church and ballroom places. This alone should give you enough savings that you will be happy to keep to start your own little family. You can have your wedding at a small place that you and your partner find uniquely special or perhaps where you and your partner first met. You may opt to have the reception at the same place or at a nearby restaurant that you both favor.

For small but interesting St. Paul weddings, you can consider holding them at your very own home or at a relative’s place. This way you eliminate paying up for any rental fees that are normally sky high. For a different and romantic setup, you can opt to have your MN wedding in a yacht if you have friends who own one and who would wholeheartedly permit you to use it for the big day. The captain can lead over the ceremonies while you can give your guests a mini ocean tour after the wedding rites. Of course, the beach is also a very flexible venue for an MN wedding, as it can accommodate both large and small crowds. For small St. Pail weddings, you should opt for the small private ones so you can really have an intimate ceremony and reception where everybody gets to enjoy and remember forever.

Other than the obvious advantage of not overcrowding your MN wedding with just about anybody and saving up on expense, you also get to have everyone participate in the ceremony and the reception activities as well. This means everybody gets to make a toast or a wish to the bride and groom or just share their personal memories of the couple. This definitely makes small St. Paul weddings more intimate, making the event more meaningful.

Of course, everybody is always tempted to plan and organize wedding parties where everyone from the second-degree cousins to the new acquaintances at work will be invited. But what everyone fails to realize is that there are only a few people who are deeply intertwined and connected to one’s life that needs to be invited to that very special day.
There are a thousand great ideas if you want your MN wedding to be small and intimate. St. Paul weddings should first be meaningful before anything else. It’s not your guests’ day, but your wedding day in the first place.

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