Making life easier with electronic payments 

by amy perry Friday, January 28, 2011
For you business owners out there, one of your biggest accounting worries is how to best receive electronic payments from your customers. There are two ways that businesses are becoming more streamlined in this area: remote deposit capture and ACH processing. Both of these methods make it much easier for businesses to receive any kind of payment electronically.

Businesses whose main purpose is to turn a profit are really taking advantage of all the benefits that come with ACH processing. It’s a method that allows for much better management of money and will often have a lower per transaction fee than other methods of receiving electronic payments. As more businesses utilize this system, it’s becoming clear that it’s the only real way to do business in this electronic age.

Some customers still prefer to send checks but with the bulk of your customers paying electronically, it's not too much trouble for one or two checks to come in the mail. The only problem is getting them to the bank. Nobody wants to make an extra trip just to deposit one or two small payments. Remote deposit capture completely removes the need for a lengthy trip through traffic for the purposes of check depositing. Through this method of electronic payments, one simply scans the check into the computer and sends it to the bank electronically. It's an instant process that only takes seconds to complete. Instant processing is really changing the way that we do business. Owning a small business is getting easier and easier. More and more people are having opportunities opened for them to follow their dreams. Being able to provide a product or service through using modern developments is changing the world in a beneficial way.

Another reason why ACH processing is being utilized more frequently is because it helps cut out human error. Checks are sometimes filled out incorrectly, or they bounce, and it becomes a huge hassle to even receive the payment in the first place. ACH processing helps minimize the risk of non-payment since every payment is received in a timely manner without delay. With the right system, it's also easier than ever to set up recurring payments. If you have a service or a product that requires monthly payments and you don’t want to chase down the payment every single month, it’s perfect. With recurring payments or remote deposit capture, the money is automatically debited from the customer account on an agreed monthly date, further streamlining the process and making it easier for you to collect money.

Electronic payments have never been easier for the small business owner. Between that and remote deposit capture, it has never been easier to receive payments or make deposits.

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