MMA Training Gets Better with New Grappling Dummy 

by Bob Dorris Saturday, January 29, 2011
Pembroke Pines, FL Jan, 30, 2011 - Along comes the birth of Submission Master, the absolutely perfect grappling dummy! Training MMA requires hours of repetition and when that training time is solely dependent on training partners, the mixed martial artist could be missing out on valuable training time.

Having an mma training tool that mimics a human, allows martial artists to spend extra time working on their skills without relying on someone else for their training time. The Submission Master grappling dummy does just that. It's uniquely designed to allow a grappler to work all the important grappling positions and get more reps that count!

100% better than other grappling dummies. This one WILL keep its legs up without needing constant readjustment, and the grappler will be able to train Guard, Inside Guard, Side Mount, Mount, North South, Start Position, as well as Turtle Position.

There is a tremendous difference between this grappling dummy and the others out there! Other grappling dummies have legs that fall open flopping them constantly unlike real grappling partners. And many grappling dummies don't even have limbs, making it impossible to practice arm bars, leg locks or guard training.

However, this new grappling dummy is designed for submission training. It will hold its position and sit in the guard for razor locks, sweeps, guillotines, arm bars and triangles. He's also designed to allow training from “start position” training, and even “turtle position.”

Best yet, you know that you can “win” a fight that starts off with you on top, but with this grappling dummy, you can actually have him begin on top of you, the way that “real” take downs usually begin. With a full 75 pounds of weight in the above position, you will have to work from your back, like the real thing to flip him into submission, as he will be completely “dead weight for you!

To top it off, the Submission Master Grappling Dummy even comes with mma training videos that demonstrate essential grappling moves, and how to practice those moves on the grappling dummy.

Video demonstration and pricing, can be found online at:

Contact: Bob Dorris,
Phone: 954-478-3685

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