Back-To-School 'Secrets' About Bullying 

Resurrection Pictures Examines Bullying, Launches Bible-Based Film Ministry with "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry"

by Martin Barillas Thursday, August 20, 2009
PASADENA, Calif., Aug. 20 /ImpactWire/ -- Most kids dread the new school year as it brings early mornings, long days and academic stress. But for one-third [1] of America's students, the school year brings a much more harrowing experience--bullying and harassment. Resurrection Pictures--the first tax-exempt ministry dedicated to producing and distributing Christian- themed entertainment for theaters worldwide--is delivering a faith-based film to encourage the thousands of families struggling to prepare, equip and help their children to respond appropriately to bullying.

On September 18--coinciding with back-to-school activities and The Fourth Annual National Bullying Prevention Awareness Week [2] (Oct. 4-10)-- Resurrection Pictures is partnering with Five & Two Pictures on the theatrical release of "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry." Produced by Rich Christiano and starring Gavin MacLeod, "The Love Boat's" Captain Stubbing, this '70s period film tells the story of three 12-year-old boys who learn to deal with bullies by modeling examples from the Bible.

"What does a Christian response to bullying look like? With more than 160,000 kids in the U.S. missing school each day due to being bullied, the Sperry movie is especially relevant for release in the fall," said Dr. William Harrity, a Pasadena-based anesthesiologist and founder of Resurrection Pictures. "What does a Christian response to any real- life challenge look like? Resurrection Pictures is dedicated to producing and distributing high-quality, culturally relevant films that answer these questions and share the life-transforming power of Jesus Christ with those who don't know Him."

"The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry" will open in theaters across the country on September 18.

Story Angles:

Talk to Dr. Bill Harrity, the doctor dedicated to saving lives through medicine and saving souls through film. Learn the parallels between medicine and evangelism, how he started Resurrection Pictures and how churches are partnering to distribute Christian-themed films.

How are local churches supporting faith-friendly entertainment and influencing the film industry?

Many anti-bullying programs are available. Are local schools ready? How do they compare to each other?

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[1] Source:

[2] National Bullying Prevention Awareness Week

Resurrection Pictures was founded in 2006 as the first--and possibly the only--501(c)(3) non-profit, tax- exempt ministry with a mission to produce and distribute Christian-themed entertainment for movie theaters worldwide. This Christian film ministry is shaping the future of the faith-based film industry by investing in the work of others who share a vision to create high-quality, culturally relevant entertainment options that share the Gospel message. In September 2009, Resurrection Pictures is partnering in the release of "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry"--a heartwarming coming-of-age story about three 12- year-old boys who are shown how to apply Scripture to daily struggles--and is a 2009 Silver Sponsor of the 168 Hour Film Project & Festival. "Creation," Resurrection Pictures' first original film project, is a biopic that dramatizes the life of Kent "Dr. Dino" Hovind, tracing his rise to prominence as one of America's best known creation evangelists, and his eventual fall from grace due to income tax evasion. The film will be written by Kevin Miller, writer of "EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed." It is scheduled for production in 2010

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