How to do your Upholstery Cleaning 

by amy perry Wednesday, February 09, 2011
Although upholstery adds great beauty to your furniture, upholstery cleaning can indeed be a tricky task. You not only have to make sure that you have taken the kind of solution into consideration but the various kinds of cleaning methods too. Depending on the kind of material, you have to use a different kind of cleaning method. The same goes for curtain cleaning.

There are basically two kinds of upholstery cleaning methods; the first is the wet cleaning method which uses hot water. Steam cleaning too falls under this category. Since this makes use of steam, you have to use a special machine besides the particular solutions and detergents. Before you begin on the upholstery cleaning what you need to do first is to remove all the cushions which are loose. Put a rag or an old towel below the upholstery so as to catch the water that will start dripping. Then you can begin to clean. For better results, you should try cleaning small areas at a time.

The second method in wet cleaning that you can use for upholstery cleaning is shampooing. This is comparatively a lot easier and you can use a bucket of warm water along with some detergent. Similar to the steam method, you can wash small areas at a time. Make sure you don’t rub the fabric too hard or else you could end up damaging it. This is a good option for upholstery which is very soiled as you can rub into the stains more effectively this way.

Given the price of curtains in the market today, they are a lot more affordable than in the olden days. And hence most people would rather procure new curtains than bother about curtain cleaning. Curtains tend to get more dirty if we leave the windows open as they attract the dust and dirt from the outside. But we cannot avoid curtains getting dirty and therefore regular curtain cleaning will help keep them looking good for a long period of time.

The best option for curtain cleaning is to steam clean them using professional curtain cleaning and upholstery cleaning services. It would be wise to add curtains to your to do list whenever it is time to carry out your upholstery cleaning.

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